Male And Female Narcissist’s.

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse, By Elizabeth Shaw – Life Coach.

The female and male narcissist both lack empathy, both believe they are entitled and both manipulate to exploit others to meet their own needs.

Deep down all Narcissists have an extremely low to possibly even no sense of real self, they are often very jealous people, they have very fragile egos and are insecure, so they have to mask all of this, by playing victim or being grandiose, covert or overt narcissist, It’s all an act to cover up how damaged they truly are and how envious they are, it’s all a defence mechanism. It’s nothing to do with you.

Male and female will use manipulation, and gaslighting, they’ll be charming, they’ll raise you up, they’ll be your soulmate,

Most females will use their sexuality to pull you in, they’ll rush intimacy and want to make you feel like a man. To make you feel like a man they use their sexuality to hook you in.

Whereas men tend to use all the romance, and sweeping you off your feet, all of the things women want to hear, so they use emotions to hook you in.

Both male and female will most often be obsessed with achievements, status and money, they both want to be successful, male or female whatever they have it’s never enough, they always want more to try and fill a void they never can.

Both male and female like to spend money theirs or not, not all but most female narcissist want to hook up with someone who has money, some male ones do also.

Females want to brag and flaunt, everything they’re getting from the male.

Both male and female narcissist wants to be the centre of attention, due to needing to feel validated and cover up their low self-esteem.

Both males and females believe they are better than everyone else and people will look up to them and be envious of them.

Just showing superficial and false things, to cover their inner feelings. It’s all false.

With a female narcissist they are bitchy, and a bully.

Most women will have had a moment of gossiping, and not feeling so good for doing it, that’s normal, we can all gossip. You will have a moment and think, nope I shouldn’t be judging, and feel awful.

With a female narcissist, they will gossip about anyone and everyone they do not care, they are bully’s, it’s just to make her feel better about herself, you get something new, they’ll get something better, they enjoy bringing others down. Even if they’re not a narcissist someone who constantly puts others down, is basically screaming out their own insecurities.

Both male and female do enjoy putting others down, to make themselves feel better.

Female narcissist and male narcissist are both passive-aggressive and cut others down because they are jealous of you. Because you’ve got quality’s they can never have. They can not see the damage they do towards others as their fault, they don’t have the ability to self-respect and change themselves, they cannot accept accountability and they have to blame others. They believe they are perfect and it’s others that are at fault.

Male and female will find and make a golden child and a scapegoat child.

Female and male narcissists will idolise, devalue, smear and discard.

Male and female will suck all your happiness from you, they will take all your joy, they will try to send you crazy, they want to take all your qualities and leave you with theirs.

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