Narcissist ex. Do you want revenge?

Do you want revenge on your narcissist?

How to defeat or take revenge on a narcissist, because your left, angry, hurt and confused.

You do need to work through these feelings and process them to heal. These are normal feelings.

If they discarded you, or you have to see them because you’ve got children with them. It’s hard, it gets easier and you will get to the point, where you’re just simply no longer interested in them.

If the narcissist leaves you, they’ll have someone waiting and they jump straight into a new relationship. So you may be looking for revenge, the new person is nothing special, they may well be special but to the narcissist, they are nothing special, the narcissist is just using them to cover up their own insecurities, just how they used you. They will one day, get treated just how you did. Sometimes although you’ll not see it in those first few days, weeks, or months, if you take a step back, observe the whole situation in its entirety, especially when you’re moving onwards and upwards within your own life, believe it or not you’ll be grateful they left, you’ll may even be grateful to the new partner for taking them off your hands, giving you a new lease of life, you may even go through a phase of pity towards the narcissist, the more you learn, why they are the way they are, also pity for the new partner and everything they’re about to go through, knowing all too well how special and loved they feel right now, and how they are not loved they’re just being used like you was, then they’ll slowly get destroyed, and have to go through the whole journey you have. You might even want to reach out and warn them, I wouldn’t recommend this, what would you have done if the narcissists crazy ex-had reached out to you, during that golden period? You will get to a point, where you no longer think about them, and if they pop in your head you’ll swiftly remember how great your life is now, remove that thought and get on with your day. I do have a post on pattern interrupt, it is s skill that takes time to learn, once you do however it will be second nature until you get to the point, you no longer think about them.

If you’ve been with them a long time, if you have children with them and they discard you for someone new, it is heartbreaking enough, without all the other stuff they’ve done to you.

You have to go through the process of grieving, talk to someone close, if you have someone, write it all down, join support groups, speak to a life coach, whatever works for you. once you’ve let it all out and grieved correctly you’ll no longer need to revisit it, when you do your feelings will be different to how they are now, educate yourself of Everything you’ve been through.

it truly will get easier if you work on it.

The narcissist wants attention from you, negatively or positively.

The best revenge, as hard as it is, go move forward with your life, that might not be what you want to hear right now, but when you move on with your own life like they never even existed.

When you work through all the emotions and look through it as an outsider, realise it was only your ego talking and they’ve done you a huge favour moving on so fast, as they’ll never be that person you first met. When you clearly see reality again, you’ll be thankful that you’re out.

To beat someone at their game, you have to get down to their level, you’re not a bad person, it normal to want to hurt someone, who used and abused you, but you’ll never be on their level, you’re far better than they’ll ever be.

What you feel is valid and normal. They fed you a dream and sold you a lie.

When people can treat you how a narcissistic person does, they never loved or cared about you.

I’m so thankful and grateful, that I’m out, it’s a tough journey to go through, but I wouldn’t be who I am now, I wouldn’t have met some of the most amazing incredible people that I’ve met, I wouldn’t be able to help those who need the help, I wouldn’t have the lessons to move me forwards into being a better person, I wouldn’t be teaching my children the things I am now. I wouldn’t be as positive as I am now.

It’s not easy, in fact, I’ve had plenty of really low moments, bringing old memories up, seeing them for who they truly are, the radical realisation of the part I played in their games.

It’s what made me who I am today, I’m far from perfect, I make mistakes, I don’t destroy people though, I can experience, pain, joy and happiness, I can get through hard times, I can survive.

No matter where you are on your journey of rediscovery, believe in you. Congratulate yourself, If you are at the start get the help and support you need if you are in the middle keep going you’ve got this. If your recovered, great job because it’s tough going at times, but you can show others that, they’re not alone, better things will come.

So just cut off their supply, they want attention, they want information, they want your reactions, negative or positive, cut them out of your life,

If you can not set boundaries, don’t tell them anything about your new life, learn to manage your emotions around them, so when they say stuff to hurt you, you can actually stand in front of them and in your head, you’ll be thinking. “ have they seriously just said that.” Or” they actually believe that.” And the “ who are they and what on earth did I ever see in this person.” Once you learn reality again. You’ll actually no longer find them attractive, real beauty comes from within. I actually look at my ex now with not only, what did I ever see in you, but your not even attractive. When someone has an ugly soul and an ugly heart, that can not be helped. It a real eye-opener. To how incredibly lucky you are. That you can hurt, you can heal and you can love.

I do have a post on observe don’t absorb, when you practice this you, see the bully for who they truly are. Leaving them behind, no longer shocked or offended when they try to break down your boundaries, no longer fear to say no. No longer feeling the need to defend yourself to them.

The best and only way to get revenge on a narcissist is no reaction, go work on you, become happy again, take away those emotional reactions from them.

They have to live with themselves, they are so deeply damaged inside they don’t even know it go heal, the karma is, you can escape them, they can never escape themselves.

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