The Narcissists Isolation Manipulation.

What is the narcissist’s isolation?

Insolation. The state of being in a place or feeling alone, leading to feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety.

The narcissists will isolate you. Not only can they cut you off from support to isolate you, but they can also make you feel so alone that you’re isolated from emotional support.

Narcissists can isolate you from friends, family, finances, freedom. They isolate you from any form of support.

Why do narcissists isolate people?

Captivators, use withholding any emotional support, criticism, followed by no emotional support. When you study narcissism, you’ll notice this pattern in almost everything, if not everything, they do.

Based on the core characteristics of their disorder. Their arrogance, that arrogant or Haughty behaviour as narcissists are unpleasantly proud of behaving in offensive manors, claiming they know more than others or are more important than others. Deep down, many narcissists are insecure, not that they want to admit this to others or themselves. They don’t want to admit mistakes they’ve made, weaknesses they have, to themselves or to others. They want, and they want others to believe they are perfect.

Narcissists are envious of others, their envious of the relationships you have with your friends and family, envious of others personalities or possessions, envious of other capabilities, envious of others happiness.

Narcissists require excessive attention. When they don’t get the attention they believe they are entitled to, they feel envious. They believe they’re entitled to have everything exactly how they want it.

Narcissists exploit others to get their own needs met. They take advantage of others to meet their own needs. It’s easier to exploit those who are isolated from reality checks and support.

Narcissists lack of empathy. They are unwilling or unable to identify or recognise the thoughts, feelings, needs of others.

Amongst other things, their core beliefs often lead the narcissist to fear abandonment. Therefore they seek to isolate those around them so the narcissist can feel safe. Narcissists manipulate people into believing they are dependent on the narcissist, so they don’t leave the narcissist, as the narcissist is dependent on gaining supply from those around them, they want us to feel lonely so they can feel special, they want us to be reliant upon them, so we don’t leave them, whether this is instinctively or intentionally depends on the narcissist, many don’t see any wrongdoing within their own behaviour. Hence, they seek to gaslight people into believing the narcissist’s reality and not their own.

Narcissists will make grandiose gestures of the future, all those false promises to move you miles away from family, or so you give up your career to support theirs. They want to control the finances to isolate you from financial support. They will devalue you. Hence, you believe you can not or do not deserve better. They will cause arguments before you see friends or family after you come home, they will accuse you of having an affair, so you give up your hobbies to make them feel better, not knowing that they are the ones having those affairs. Narcissists will spread gossip. They’ll triangulate those around them to divide and conquer so that the narcissist can further their manipulation and their control.

When friends or family visit, the narcissist might take the children and go out, they might sit and sulk, be rude to create that atmosphere to make people feel unwelcome, or to make you feel like you can no longer invite people around, they set the environment to be cold and uncomfortable. They will come between parents, friends, children, siblings. They will try to gain golden people to become their flying monkeys or enablers to help divide against the scapegoat who usually knows the truth. However, the scapegoat will be blamed for all that goes wrong so the narcissist can escape the consequences of their actions. The narcissist can reverse the roles depending on the narcissist’s needs.

Even if they don’t move you miles away and isolate you from support, they’ll put you in a state of emotional phycological isolation, where you daren’t speak out for so many fears, from sounding stupid to being misunderstood, overthinking to doubting reality from all the cognitive dissonance that occurs while in a narcissistic relationship.

The narcissist will create drama, conflict, rivalry, jealousy, resentment, hatred and more to play people off against others so that the narcissist can remain in control.

Narcissists will isolate you from your dreams. They will sell you your dreams with their future faking to get their needs met in the present, as these aren’t the narcissist dreams, they don’t have the same passion behind them, so they’ll blame you for not delivering, while claiming they still want them too, to get you to work harder to please them.


Stay in your reality, pay close attention to their gaslighting, know and remember your intentions, recognise the narcissists games, pity-plays, guilt-trips, silent treatments, projection, word salad, conflict, triangulation, gossip, don’t get drawn in, don’t explain yourself to them.

Find the right support for you, to gain the clarity, the help and the understanding of what you have been, or you are going through, work on those limiting beliefs the narcissist has most often placed within you, work on creating your inner confidence again.

Learn your beliefs and values again, to create your personal boundaries so you can stand in your truth, so you can learn to trust within yourself, trust within and stick with your boundaries, to begin to trust others again.

Be kind on who you are as a person.


Limiting beliefs.


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