The Cerebral Narcissist.

A cerebral narcissist pretends to know it all, and they use all their knowledge, real or fake intellect, to prove to others that they know better than anyone else.

The cerebral find maintaining their bodies a chore, and most cerebral simply can not be bothered with it, so they use real of fake intelligence to get their requirements for excessive admiration and attention met that they crave from those around them.

Cerebral narcissists are often covert as like most narcissists as they like to go under the raider in society, all narcissist try to be unknown, In what they do, with the cerebral, because of their intellect, they usually manage not to be exposed. As they appear to be model citizens, they can be the communal narcissist, as they can be highly skilled at ’fitting in.’ to society’s norms, and getting those around them to trust in them, often making the cerebral narcissist very hard to spot.

They are an extremely convincing con artist that most often have all those around them believe they are good people.


  • Acts superior.
  • Intelligent.
  • Calculated.
  • High functioning.
  • Can seem to play by the rules.
  • Can control their inner rage.
  • The belief they are superior.
  • Preoccupied with ultimate success.
  • Exploitative.
  • Cunning.
  • Boastful in a humble way.
  • Self-righteous.
  • Lack of empathy.
  • Entitlement.
  • Arrogant.

A cerebral can boast about their achievements, as most of them will have achieved, or they can play down their achievements to act humble in a manner to get others to praise them, raise them up.

A Cerebral narcissist is focused on intelligence, so their brains are their biggest power, meaning they can be far more calculated at exploiting those around them.

They will try to pull people in through their intellect. They not only try to impress those around them with complicated words. Long, drawn-out conversations, they will monopolise a conversation, they will mock those who mispronounce words, they will humiliate, shame, or criticise anyone who dares to question their intellect or theories, they feel threatened and take others questioning their beliefs as in-depth criticism, as they believe they are special and superior to those around them, they will seek to harm those who go against them.

A narcissist can not stand criticism, real or perceived. To a cerebral, if this is perceived as undermining their intellect, they can invalidate you in a moment with their words, or they often remain calm and plot your downfall.

A cerebral will often show contempt to those around them, as they believe they are superior and the most intelligent to those around them, they will show disregard to others ideas, thoughts or feelings. However, if someone has a wise idea, the cerebral shall take this, adapt it and use it for their own.

They are likely to come across, superior and extremely self-righteous. They struggle to have close, loving sexual relationships. Like all narcissist, they are not interested in others or even listening to others. They are only interested in themselves.

A cerebral narcissist is often asexual. Although they might be attracted to another, they usually have little to no sexual desires. A cerebral narcissist often lacks the sexual attraction towards people. They have very little appetite for sexual activity, which would involve another, often opting to self masturbate.

The cerebral narcissist can hold a grudge like any other narcissist, You may discover in conversations with them that they do hold lots of grievances, yet these narcissists are in it for the long game, they will plan and plot, then once they have a plan they will use that plan to get to others. They are highly competitive even if they don’t show it on the surface. They are usually in great opposition with someone, as with all narcissist, it’s you v’s me attitude, narcissists are competitive, but these can be to the extreme. Not all competitive people are narcissistic.

Cerebral narcissists can appear to be, intelligent, sensitive and playing by the rules. They are extremely skilled in getting people to trust and like them and fitting in with those around them. They are often exceptionally energetic and in high powered positions.

Cerebral is like all other types of narcissists unwillingly to take a real look at themselves or admit any wrongdoing on their part. They are often congratulated by those around them for who they are, as people don’t understand just how dangerous they can be.

The Cerebral narcissist has a lot more control of their inner rage, so these are most likely to be on the upper end of the spectrum, as they will plot more about a smart way to get those around them back rather than show rage and anger, they believe all others are incredibly envious of them. They think everyone is out to get them.

Cerebral narcissists often use their intellectual abilities and achievements to draw people in.

They are lacking in empathy as all other narcissists. In a relationship, they will devalue and discard. It’s hard coming out of any narcissistic relationship. These are possibly one of the hardest as you will have most likely lost all those you love to the narcissist. They rarely to never use physical violence and often seem to uphold and respect their law.

When dealing with a cerebral narcissist, limited contact and grey rock is a must if you can not go no contact.

Reminding yourself not to take what they say personally, kind, intelligent people with emotional intelligence would not want to hurt others or pull others down. What they say is a reflection of their personal character and not yours.

Learn your boundaries, stay in your reality, radical acceptance of who they are.

The cerebral narcissist.


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