Boundaries and the narcissist.

Overcoming Narcissist Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.

Having the courage, the strength, the wisdom, the discipline, to say no. It can be difficult to lose that person pleasing mindset and learn to say no.

Truly fulfilled people have the courage to say no when they have to say no. The strength to say no when they need to and the wisdom and discipline to say no when it serves them better than saying yes.

Even when it means they feel uncomfortable letting others down, even when it means for a time they have to walk alone, even when it means they become an outcast, even when it means losing people, most often saying no will lose the negative people who you need to stay away from anyway, positive good kind people will understand.

You need to have the courage to say no to those things you know are not right, the strength to say no to the people who may walk out on you, those people are not for you.

To those who guilt trip you, silent treatment you and punish you for saying no to them, they have no place in your future, they do not respect or value you and they will not have any value in your future, it might be painful, it might be hard to walk away, but you need to walk away, and do so safely.

The future quality of your life and your happiness requires you to have the courage to walk away from those who are unwilling or unable to understand your no’s.

If something doesn’t feel right or doesn’t serve you, you need to find a million ways to say no and stick to your no, your ability to say no will add great wisdom, value great change and even better results in the time you your inner peace and inner happiness.

The difference between good and bad people will show because your choices will be different, you’ll no longer need to question those red flags, as the first time you say no, their reactions will be the deal breaker as to whether you stay or walk away.

You will be so much happier once you learn the true value of the word no when something doesn’t feel right, you will live a higher quality of life, you will learn which people are not right for you, and those who do respect and value you. You will have better relationships as you will be with good people, therefore you’ll have better physical and mental health.

Saying no will give you greater freedom, as hard as it might be to say no, to begin with, it’s a great way of knowing what kind of people should and shouldn’t be in your life.

If your own values and boundaries require you to say no, you need to say no.

Anything you know is wrong, anything that disrespects who you are, anything that doesn’t serve your values you need to learn to say no and stick to that no. Even when it’s hard you need to say no.

No to negative people.

No to the fear.

No to the comfort zone.

No to giving in.

No to giving up.

No to fitting in.

No to chasing people.

No, when you need to say no.

No to things that do not match your values.

No matter how hard it is to say no you must say no.

Then you can say yes to your happiness, your life, surround yourself with good people, a good life. Say yes to respecting your beliefs and your values, good people will respect you. Time to say yes to yourself, your health, your freedom, your happiness, your future,

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