Narcissistic In Laws.

Narcissistic in-laws.

If you had a narcissistic partner, they may have narcissistic parents, who would always back up their narcissistic child.

Not all narcissists have a narcissistic parent. If yours did, always remember that you know the truth.

Those narcissists who have a narcissistic parent will have been raised, having their minds programmed to think a narcissistic way. This isn’t always the case. Children can and do grow up to break free from the narcissistic family, not always but usually the scapegoat child or the forgotten child, that just had a sense that something wasn’t right.

Narcissists are filled with rage and envy, very self-centred and self-entitled, yet deep down, they are full of self-hatred and have to project this onto those around them. They are incapable to truly understanding what they do, and any that do are incapable of seeing it as their problem. They just believe they are better than you. All narcissists identities are false, often using qualities of those around them to pass off as their own, and their masks will slip. Narcissists just have a lack of empathy.

A narcissist personality disorder is on a spectrum, so depending on where a narcissist is on the spectrum and their family members, it will depend on the treatment you receive. They may be overt, covert, somatic, cerebral, vulnerable or malignant.

When your ex-narcissist comes from a family of narcissists, if you speak the truth, you would become the centre of a mass smear campaign.

Your narcissistic exes family members will spread gossip far and wide about how you are the crazy one.

Once you have learned the truth of the other narcissists in your exes family and the things they do to others, they will go all out to destroy you, so not only will you be up against the narcissist, but the narcissistic family members also.

Some narcissistic families will just cut you out and get the entire family to cut you out and turn against you, smearing your name to family members who are not narcissistic.

The narcissist, in general, will spin reality around, to their own version, with lies, manipulation, gaslighting, cruelty, putting fear in you, so you dare not speak up.

The family member will deny all truths, and even if they saw their brother, sister, son or daughter miss treat you or your children, they will all blame shift it onto you, to protect the family of narcissists, they do not care for each other, they care for the family name, their status, their pride, especially if the narcissist you was with happened to be the golden child.

Narcissistic in-laws will always blame you for their child’s behaviour, and it will never be their child, narcissistic in-laws and siblings unless they see someone to gain to go against the narcissist will side with the narcissist.

Once you leave a narcissistic relationship, you’ll often end up alone, and as narcissism isn’t very well known, although awareness is growing. People often don’t believe what you tell them unless they know about NPD. They’ve been through it themselves; therefore, usually, the narcissistic family is believed, and you are painted as the crazy one.

There are plenty of people out there that do understand, join support groups, and don’t be afraid to ask anything, and they will be able to help you understand and recover onto a much happier, fulfilling life.

Narcissistic in-laws.

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