The Malignant Narcissist.

Overcoming narcissist abuse. By Elizabeth Shaw – Life Coach.

The Malignant Narcissist.

Possibly the most dangerous and harmful narcissist there is.

They are a true psychopath, like all narcissist they have no empathy, they will commit, multiple crimes without care. Including violent and sexual crimes with no remorse.

All narcissist can be dangerous, yet malignant ones take it to the next level.

They rely on others to define them, self-esteem comes from the outside world, their moods can be all over, they seek approval from others. Extremely arrogant and self-centred. They have a very fragile, super-sensitive ego. They have a need to convince all others just how special they are.

They are immature, liars, hateful, vindictive, petty, jealous, insecure, paranoid, aggressive, moody, greedy and very draining.

They are dependent on the world to feed them as they believe they are superior to all others.

They will retaliate and humiliate.

Researchers say, Theses individuals actually have a few personality disorders. They have a narcissistic personality disorder, narcissistic people can have traits of other disorders, like paranoia, yet a malignant narcissist has paranoia personality disorder also psychopath personality disorder. They also have an antisocial personality disorder. Most narcissists have traits of antisocial behaviour, these have the full disorder.

They will go to extreme means, to be the top and get the worlds attention as they believe they are entitled to the world,

Malignant narcissist will show fake empathy to follows to protect themselves, to get followers to protect them. people either love and respect them or deeply fear them both will carry out their demands.

They will go to great lengths to protect themselves, researchers say Adolf Hitler was a malignant narcissist. Look at the following he achieved, what he got others to do for him, and how many he destroyed.

They need power and control and achieve this, by coming across as a great saviour to others in the beginning. They will go all out to protect their followers as this protects themselves.

They will hurt, and murder anyone who gets in their way.

Once you understand narcissistic personality disorder. Most narcissistic people will become obvious to you. Malignant, come across as helping others and are far harder to spot at first, also far harder to stop.

In a relationship like all narcissist they represent themselves as important, worthy of admiration and love, they will talk

About those that hurt them in a way to gain sympathy. They will come across as a poor individual who has been hurt.

As they present themselves as s loving caring victim and your saviour you will feel sorry for them. Partners will want to support them. They lie, manipulate and cheat like all other narcissists. They set it up so you want to fight their corner and protect them. Once you are hooked, if you cross them there psychopathy comes out, and they will do anything to protect themselves. They will best you and they will hurt you, to get their needs met. They may also get others to do this. They will do anything to maintain their relationship with you.

They will tell you not to believe others, they are just trying to split you up. They’ll manipulate you so well, you’ll believe them.

They will do things to others that are informing you to leave to maintain power over you. They are extremely scary and they will find any means possible to end your friendship with those trying to help you.

They will stop at nothing to protect what important to them if you escape one of these, you will have to move miles away.

The malignant narcissist is the most dangerous of all.

Don’t ever give up on yourself, there is always hope. When good people come together, great things start to happen.

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