Who Is Not A Narcissist?

What is Not a narcissist?

The word narcissist is growing with greater awareness. Yet, we can all have some narcissistic traits, which doesn’t mean we are narcissists. If you can love and care for others, help others, have empathy, and have compassion for others, you are not a narcissist, and some exes are just twits.

So what is not a narcissist?

Vanity alone, kids or adults taking selfies, wanting things your own way, being selfish, standing by your point, being driven to achieve, being confident, being opinionated, and spoilt kids. Looking in every mirror is not having the disorder.

Yes, they are narcissistic behaviours, but It doesn’t make them a narcissist.

People who have suffered from narcissistic abuse, at the time through the narcissists gaslighting, do not see they are being abused. The ones who speak out often find, Those around them don’t understand. Courts, judges, police, the therapist often do not understand narcissism. Constantly thinking they can not be narcissists, they always take their kids out. They can not be a narcissist. They don’t care about their Looks? They can not be a narcissist. They don’t post selfies?

If they can take responsibility for their own actions, if they do not tell countless lies, if they are not Jealous And Envious of all those around them, if they can see reality correctly all the time, if they don’t accuse you of things you didn’t say or didn’t do, if they can appreciate consequences and learn from experience, if they do not destroy everything and everyone around them, if they don’t start Arguments out of anywhere, if they’re not manipulative, not abusive, don’t Gaslighting. If they don’t seem incapable of listening or understanding others, if they don’t believe they’ve entitled to anything and everything they want, regardless of how it hurts those around them. If they don’t blame absolutely everything on you, if they don’t blame circumstance on others, if they don’t accuse you of feelings you do not have, if they don’t explode at the slightest thing, if they take responsibility for their own actions, if they don’t twist words, don’t disrespect, if they don’t attack people for no reason, if they don’t believe people are plotting against them, if they don’t drive a wedge between those around them. They are not a narcissist.

If they do one or two, they are not a narcissist. They need to have five out of The Nine Characteristics Of The Narcissistic Personality Disorder, to have the disorder.

If you go through saying, yes they did that, yes they were like that, yes they did that, oh my that too and that, yes even that all the way to the end. Then yes, you could be dealing with a narcissist.

A narcissist personality disorder is a disorder if they have the disorder The Two Faces is who they are. Narcissism is present in all areas of the narcissist’s life. There is no moment in this person’s life they are not a narcissist. It is characterised by the inability to distinguish between the external world and others.

They are not selfish people. They are people who have a problem. They are incapable of true Empathy. They are abusive. They can not see people as people. They are prone to substance abuse. They have an emotional understanding of toddlers. They are incapable of seeing reality correctly. They are volatile. They are deep within themselves, deeply unhappy people who can not understand the cause of their own misery. They only see others as causing them this misery. Not all act vain, powerful or self-assured. Yes, those on the higher end of the spectrum are more dangerous than others. They are more Grandiose. They don’t want to change as they make themselves happy playing lots of people like puppets. They have so many admiring them, so many hating them, yet conforming because they fear them. They feel great power.

People are becoming afraid that they are a narcissist when they are not. People are also accusing people of being a narcissist when they are not.

Abuse is abuse. Whether they have the disorder or not, it is never an excuse.

The narcissist personality disorder.

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