Phrases Narcissists Use About Others, To Triangulate.

Some phrases narcissists say.

Triangulation is another narcissistic, manipulative tactic, to make you feel guilty, to Coercive Control you into doing something you wouldn’t normally do, to make you feel sorry for them and help them achieve something, or get one over on someone who you believe has hurt the narcissist, to divide and conquer people, so the narcissists aren’t exposed for what they do to others.

No one is safe from the narcissists manipulation and triangulation.

Common lies you may have heard from a narcissist.

“They’re bitter.”

“They’re obsessed with me.”

“They’re jealous of me.”

“They’re a liar.”

“My husband/ wife or partner doesn’t understand me.”

“My wife/ husband or partner will no longer have sex with me.”

“I’m sure who I’m with is cheating on me.”

“My ex is crazy.”

“My ex abused me.”

“My ex is stalking me.”

“My children have no respect for me.”

“My ex has turned the children against me.”

“My parents don’t understand me.”

“My parents always preferred my sibling.”

“My parents did nothing for me. I was a mistake.”

“My boss is horrible,”

“The Person I’m training up at work is useless,”

“My neighbours have no respect.”

“My friends always want me to help them out.”

“My children never ring to see how I am,”

“My partner would rather watch TikTok.”

“They don’t like me.”

“They are envious of me.”

“They talk about you behind your back.”

“I don’t trust that friend of yours. They just use you.”

“Your parents interfere way too much in our lives. We should move.”

“That friend of yours just gossips.”

“They borrowed a lot of money from me and never paid me back. Don’t talk to them. They are extremely dishonest.”

“The ex made up lies about me because they are bitter. Now I’m not allowed to see my own children.”

“I was set up.”

It’s to make them look like they are a good honest person and to make the other look bad. To gain control, to get sympathy, to get emotional reactions. The narcissist wants to gain enablers in a way that those enablers don’t talk to the person the narcissist abused so that the narcissist can escape exposure.


Divide & Conquer.


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