The Narcissists Flex.

Narcissists don’t take responsibility for their behaviour. Instead, they look to flex to avoid taking responsibility for their behaviour.

To flex is to bend. Narcissists are looking to bend reality over and over again to work in their favour. They have an apt ability to triangulate those around them. Narcissists will go all out to bend the truth, twist reality to suit a narrative that works in the narcissist’s favour, that works to achieve the desired outcome for that individual narcissist, be it flexing in a grandiose boastful manor to gain admiration or the woe is me victim play to gain sympathetic attention. To provoke reactions from others or to punish those who dare to stand against them.

To F.L.E.X. A narcissist will.

Falsify, narcissists look to falsify information between people to mislead and deceive those around them, to bend the truth, by,

Lying, narcissistic people tell countless lies of things that simply aren’t true, half-truths, or they lie through omission to deceive and mislead as many as they can, to avoid,

eXposure, they want to keep their toxic, hurtful behaviour quiet, hidden from others, narcissists will blame, shame and isolate others so the narcissist can avoid consequences for their actions, to,

Evade, they want to avoid taking any form of responsibility for their neglect their hurtful behaviour. Narcissistic people are looking to avoid taking responsibility for their behaviour.

With their children, as one thing narcissists don’t do is responsibility, narcissists just don’t take responsibility not even for the welfare of their own children, unless they can play the good parent role to exploit others, a narcissist will happily play happy families with step children, taking them on holidays, days out, parks etc, not for the children, for manipulation, to sell people an illusion, a false belief of what a fantastic parent they are, which helps their smear campaign against their ex and the courts as to why it’s the exes fault whose bitter, made up lies, the courts fault, it’s always everybody else’s fault, as to why the narcissist doesn’t take responsibility, doesn’t see their own children, doesn’t provide for their own children, and as the narcissist idealises and love bombs a set amount of people into believing their lies, those people often unwittingly become enablers and flying monkeys for the narcissist, those who once backed the narcissist, once they do see, can also want to protect their ego, by sticking by the narcissist even though they know, because they don’t want others to see how naive they have also been, they want to save face, or they don’t want to face the repercussions from the narcissist if they were to speak the truth. A narcissist will fail to financially support their own children because of their lack of empathy and failure to take responsibility. Instead, they’ll rationalise, justify, scapegoat, and pity play to gain sympathetic attention from those around them while smearing the names of those who are actually taking care of their children.

When it comes to the narcissist’s belongings, they’ll take what’s important to them with them, leaving behind what’s not of interest to them, while claiming to those around them that you’ll not give them their stuff, or if you message asking them to collect, they’ll not show others what those messages say. Still, they show others you keep messaging, and they’ll claim it’s because you’re obsessed with them and won’t leave them alone. Or a narcissists will keep your sentimental items, so when you chase them for your things they’ll again claim you’re obsessed, stalking them, won’t leave them alone, they’ll use the things that matter the most to you to punish you, including their and your children, some narcissists want their children, not because they care, because they want to hurt you, any pain they cause the child they’ll blame you or those around you, a narcissist will ignore their own children, then expect their children to be delighted to see them when they do show, when those children begin to see and distance themselves from the narcissist, the narcissist will start claiming those children are ungrateful, blame the other parent for alienating the children, while ignoring their children to punish their children, they might idolise the golden child to show others it’s not the narcissist at fault, and people unwittingly enable the narcissist to isolate the scapegoat, as grown narcissistic children can be ungrateful, people often believe the lies of a narcissist, than the actual depth to the narcissist’s deception.

Narcissistic people are looking to tell their tails, spin their web of lies in a way where they can be boastful and grandiose, gaining admiration while avoiding responsibility and consequences, or the woe is me, victim, to gain sympathetic attention and avoid taking responsibility, avoid consequences, while smearing the names of those who could eXpose them, so they can evade people finding out about the narcissists true character, all while punishing, isolating and gaining enablers to support the narcissist in their vendettas against those who dare to stand up to them.

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