Signs Of People You Can Not Trust.

Trust is fundamental in any relationship. However, when our trust has been broken from a toxic relationship, whether that was a parent, a friend, a work colleague, boss, partner, or a child, it’s not easy to regain our trust within ourselves as well as within those around us. Creating boundaries is one way of helping ourselves and walking away from others before we even get those red flags, because more often than not, when you create a Boundry, someone who is in the relationship to exploit you would not be happy about this Boundry they would try to take it down they would try to take it away from you, and that’s the biggest red flag you’ll ever need, that you needed that Boundry. However, most people come from a trusting place. Most people want to trust in others, so what are the signs of an untrustworthy person?

Fickle minded people.

Fickle minded people are those who are very inconsistent, one minute they say yes, the next they’ve disappeared on you, their loyalties between one relationship to another seem to differ significantly. In a very uncertain world, we seek certainty from those around us if they are showing us that they are inconsistent, yet gaslighting us, we go for the easy option of wanting to believe they’ve made a mistake, as people make mistakes, people forget, it happens, so we want to trust within another. However, when they keep breaking that trust, when they keep rationalising their behaviour, keep letting you down, when they are quick to make promises, they repeatedly break promises, there’s your red flag that they are an untrustworthy person. There’s a big difference between someone who’s indecisive and changing your mind sometimes and someone who is fickle with a repeat pattern of behaviour. 

Charismatic people. 

Charming people, those who claim they are perfect, those who claim they’ve never made a single mistake in their lives, we are human we all make mistakes, we all make errors in judgement, those who claim they do no wrong often have wrong to hide, those who go around blaming all others for their mistakes are trying to hide their own mistakes from others.


Self-entitled people who want everything their way, those who are there when they need you, for them to fall off the face of the planet when you need them, they will they will be there for you when you benefit them, those who are only willing to give if there is something they can take, they might guilt trip you into feelings of been obligated to help them. However, when you need them to help you, they are longer around for you.

Lack of empathy.

Most untrustworthy people lack the ability to emphasise with others. People who are willing to break others confidence are untrustworthy. Those who are committed to misunderstanding who you are as a person when you go to have a conversation with them when you go to communicate with them. When someone turns round to you and claims they didn’t hurt you, they lack the ability to recognise how their behaviour has affected you, which shows that they lack the empathy to care about you. Those who lack empathy take to care about people they hurt are not the kind of people you can trust. Observe how they treat others and how they talk about others.

Holds grudges.

Those who hold grudges, those who can’t seem to let anything go, they can’t let anything drop, they can’t be happy for other people they always seek to talk negatively of others, people always wrong them, while they claim they are perfect and do no wrong.

Envious people.

Those who seek to pull others down, they do this to feel better about themselves, people who you can trust would be supportive of you, supportive of those around you they would want to see people do well in life they would want to raise other people up, people who are untrustworthy seek to destroy others, one tell-tale signs that they’re going to try and destroy people if they go around trying to tear everybody else down in order to feel better about themselves.

Never to blame.

Those who deny their behaviour or those who are excessively proud of behaviour that most people find unacceptable. However, they boast about it in a way that makes those around them feel uncomfortable and feel afraid to speak out against them, or they play down their behaviour or find a scapegoat to blame for their behaviour, or they escape accountability by denying their behaviour. Those who cannot accept responsibility for their own behaviour are untrustworthy.

Cannot be pleased for others.

Those who blame you for everything that goes wrong within their life, those who cannot be happy for the people they claim to care about when they see somebody else’s happiness they go all out to try and destroy that happiness for that other person because they are envious of other people. These people are envious of others on trustworthy because they will use many covert underhand manipulative methods to exploit that person to take away from that person what they are envious of.


Those who lie, it’s not always obvious when somebody is a liar when you first met them. However, if you listen to the stories they tell you, and things just don’t add, up, or they tell one group of friends one story, and it doesn’t match what they told you, people who lie are not trustworthy. They are deceivers. They are lying to deceive people from the truth. They are lying to Gaslight people to distort peoples realities to get their own needs met.

Breaks confidentiality.

Those who tell you other peoples’ secrets are untrustworthy, telling you someone else’s secret often with the “don’t tell them I told you.” They will be telling others your secrets, those who break peoples confidence you cannot trust to share your deepest insecurities with, your deepest vulnerabilities with, your mistakes with because they will go all out gossiping to other people about you. Those who talk about others to you will talk to others about you.

Failed to meet commitments.

Those who are always breaking promises, those who are always letting other people down, whether that’s letting their friends down, letting their family down, especially if they find excuses as to why they are letting others down or blaming others as to why they’re letting others down, those who claim to be a great parent, however they’re only their for their children when it suits them. When their children need them, they’re gone. Regularly letting their own young children down. When people are continually escaping responsibility, it shows they are untrustworthy, as they cannot as they do not want to be held responsible for things that many people class as day-to-day responsibilities. Those who drop and change plans as and when it suits them with a lack of empathy to care for those it hurts when they repeatedly do this to people.

Narcissistic people.

Those with high narcissistic traits so those who exploit people, those who lack empathy for other people, those who feel entitled to have everything their way, those who are envious of others, those who believe they’re entitled to excessive attention, those who are preoccupied with their ideal, grandiosity, that excessive charm. These arrogant people believe that they are special, and the rules don’t apply to them; however, they think the rules apply to those around them.

We are human we can all make mistakes we can all show these behaviours at one point or another within our lives what you are looking for within an untrustworthy person is a repeat pattern of behaviour which shows they are lying to themselves because they do not recognise their own behaviour when they do not recognise their own behaviour they’re not going to change their own behaviour as they believe that behaviour works for them. Everybody around them is the problem, and everybody around them should change to suit them. 

Twelve kinds of people to avoid.

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