The Cerebral Narcissist.

Cerebral narcissists are often high functioning and extremely intelligent. The cerebral could possibly be one of the most dangerous, along with the malignant narcissist.

Like most narcissists, The cerebral, along with the covert, can be extremely hard to detect and even harder to get support after you’ve left. They are extremely convincing con artists that most often have all those around them believing they are good people.

Sam Vaknin, who’s is a self-proclaimed narcissist, claims most often cerebral narcissistic people are closet homosexuals who hate the opposite sex. However, some same-sex relationships and some opposite-sex relationships can have one or two narcissistic people.

Cerebral narcissists are often under the raider in society. All narcissists try to be unknown. In what they do, with the cerebral, because of their intelligence, they usually manage not to be exposed. As they appear to be model citizens, they can be highly skilled at ’fitting in.’ to society’s norms, and getting those around them to trust in them, often making the cerebral narcissist hard to identify.

Cerebral narcissists can appear to be intelligent, sensitive and playing by the rules. They are extremely skilled in getting people to trust and like them and fitting in with those around them. They are often exceptionally energetic and in high powered positions.

Cerebral is like all other types of narcissists unwillingly to take a real look at themselves or admit any wrongdoing on their part. They are often congratulated by those around them for who they are, as people don’t understand just how dangerous they can be.

They are likely to come across, superior and extremely self-righteous. They struggle to have close, loving sexual relationships. Like all narcissists, they are not interested in others or even listening to others. They are only interested in themselves.

They usually are in great opposition with someone, as with all narcissists, it’s you v’s me attitude. They usually put others down that they are in competition within a manner that seems like they’re helping other supporters

Cerebral narcissists often have a lot more control of their inner rage, so these are most likely to be on the upper end of the spectrum, as they will plot more, about a smart way to get those around them back, rather than show rage and anger. They believe all others are incredibly envious of them, and they think everyone is out to get them.

Cerebral narcissists often use their intellectual abilities and achievements to draw people in.

You may discover in conversations with them that they do hold lots of grudges, yet these narcissists are in it for the long game. They will plan and plot, them once they have a plan, they will unleash it to get others back.

They are as cold as all other narcissists. In a relationship, they will devalue and discard. It’s hard coming out of any narcissistic relationship. These are possibly one of the hardest as you will have most likely lost all those you love to the narcissist; they rarely to never use physical violence and often seem to uphold and respect their law.

The cerebral narcissist is competitive, but these are to the extreme. Not all competitive people are narcissistic.

In the home, you’ll notice how they have extreme double standards. They may convince partners to give up their jobs so that they are more powerless to leave the narcissist.

To those around the narcissist, they will they accuse the partner of being a gold digger and using the narcissist for material gain.

Narcissist mind games.

The covert narcissist.

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