How to make new friends when the narcissist has left you isolated.

Overcoming narcissist Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.

When you have been left isolated from friends and you’ve been left by the narcissist full of anxiety, it’s can seem incredibly hard making new friends, stepping out of your comfort zone and trusting in others. If you made the choice to leave the narcissist or they left you, having a good friendship group is a must.

Having little or no friends and finding it hard to get out and make new friends, you are far from alone.

Find and make a list of your strengths and talents, start telling yourself “I can and I will make friends.”

1. Always be who you are. Good people will love you for you, being yourself is an excellent way of eliminating toxic people.

2. Start with places you do go and places you feel comfortable if you go to the same shop and see the same person on the till, smile, say hello if you don’t already do so then pay them a compliment.

3. Join online support groups and start making incredible friends online, any negativity in a support group leave it and find another, there are some amazing ones, who been through what you have and understand you completely. Stay positive in any of your responses and uplifting.

4. Don’t listen to your self-doubt in your mind, listen to your instincts.

5. Start by smiling at everyone you meet, those who don’t smile, don’t stop smiling at them next time you see them, they may find it as hard as you do to make friends.

6. Don’t judge others, as you know all too well we all have a story.

7. Next step is to start to say hello to everyone you meet, you’ll start to feel better when you get some hellos back, don’t worry about Those who don’t, anything could be happening in their life.

8. Once your feeling a little more confident say hello and pay them a compliment, if they respond ask them their name.

9. Listen to them, ask questions and answers questions, friendships is give and take.

10. Remember to be kind and polite, yet if something doesn’t feel right in your gut, leave them be.

11. Take it slow, true friendships are developed over time not jumped straight in.

12. You don’t have to be perfect to make friends, people make mistakes, you only need to be yourself.

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