How the narcissist ruins your physical health.

Overcoming narcissist abuse by Elizabeth Shaw.

Being in a relationship with a narcissist, be it, intimate, a family member, boss or a colleague. Is a highly stressful and a hideous experience psychologically and physically. They are toxic and with their continued games leaving you uncertain of your own thoughts, from silent treatment, gaslighting, the love bombing The discard, mental and possibly physical violence from some, is all extremely stressful on our minds and our body’s.

As humans, the worst stress we can experience is that with interpersonal relationships. It’s more stressful than physical stress, the emotional mental abuse is a lot harder to see and overcome than a broken bone, although if they’ve also been physically violent towards you, it leaves more scars for you to heal from within your own mind.

A long term relationship with a narcissist locks you into a path of confusion and loss of self. The narcissist is like a virus that infects every part of you, they are a parasite that comes to feed off your willingness to help and support, stealing your money, your home, your self-love, self-worth, self-trust and your own reality, plus so much more.

The narcissist wants to extract maximum energy from you, which then places you into the fight, flight, freeze or fawn mode.

Being under constant fear and stress, as you are constantly worrying about what the narcissist might do next, looking for ways to counteract it.

Your body reduces so many chemicals when in a relationship with a narcissist, causing trauma bond, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, but also your physical health, you might end up with many health complications.

You become so physically and psychologically out of touch, Brain frog confusion, lack of energy, slowly you lose touch of reality. Leaving you trapped and looking towards the narcissist for reality checks.

The narcissist will use this against you, constantly putting you down.

As you go to them for a reality check, and your minds been programmed to think a certain way it makes it very difficult to see what’s truly happening, and to leave.

As you are sympathetic and have empathy towards others you become stuck in the cycle of changing yourself trying your best to help them, whilst they devalue and discard you, then love bomb you again to devalue and discard you, leaving you believing it’s your fault, trauma bonded and willing to take them back when they come for the hoover.

You may have been diagnosed with all sorts of illnesses and be taking all sorts of medications.

Be aware some of your health problems may well be down to the relationship.

Once you get out safely you can take the steps to overcome theses and move forward to a much happier, healthier life.

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