The vulnerable narcissist.

Overcoming narcissist Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.

The vulnerable narcissist.

Narcissist personality disorder is on a spectrum and they do have to have all the traits to be a narcissist, as it’s on a spectrum, they are individuals and have different traits on the surface, but the underlying traits that put them on the spectrum is different between each type, also the way in which they use manipulation.

All narcissistic people have Lack of empathy, Sense of Entitlement, Lack of emotion regulation, Feelings of superiority, Disorder in home life and professional life, Non-linear relationship between facts and feelings, Self-esteem issues characterized by up and down feelings, and so many more.

The vulnerable narcissist is considered to be covert narcissists.

Vulnerable narcissistic traits.

A vulnerable narcissist has a victim mentality. They are always playing the victim, and always require a lot of sympathetic attention.

Like all narcissist types, They are emotionally draining to be around. With the vulnerable, it’s, mostly because of how sensitive they are on top of being emotionally demanding. Their mission in life is to get the people around them to see them as the perfect creatures they are.

Vulnerable narcissists are often depressed The life they live does not meet the fantasy of the life they feel entitled to.

Unlike people with other disorders that try to take their own lives or self-harm, Vulnerable narcissists are one of the few people to make threats of self-harm in order to get attention. They rarely follow through with it.

Vulnerable narcissists often appear to be calm people, they have very confusing self-esteem issues.

Their first line of narcissistic defences they will be, passive-aggressive and shutting people out optioning to use silent trespassing and their preferred manipulation to punish others. They will always play the victim card because they will always see themselves as the victim.

They also know is introverted, covert, fragile or closet narcissist, they still feel, and believe they are superior to most people they meet, yet they hate being in the spotlight. They often seek to try to attach themselves to what they see as special people, They will seek pity from others to get sympathy and may be excessive generosity to receive the attention and admiration they need to boost their inner self-worth.

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