Do All Narcissists Read From The Same Book?

The more you read the story’s about others, the more you realise you’re far alone in this. Others have been through the eerily similar stories like you. You can relate so much to what others said happened to them.

Do narcissists have some form of the written handbook?

They even use the same phrase. “ my ex was crazy.” “You’re too sensitive.” “If you hadn’t, I wouldn’t.” And all the others gaslighting words.

The narcissistic personality disorder is on a spectrum, so they are a narcissist who does have the same personality characteristics. Yet, they use them all different, depending on the type of narcissist. Malignant is one of the most dangerous forms.

There are so many similarities, yet there are also differences.

So although their behaviours appear similar, it all depends on the narcissist. If eight of you were all with a classic, you have eerily similar story’s, if eight of you were with a vulnerable, you’ll all have similar stories, yet because they can cross over depending on the situation and manipulation needed, if one of you is with a malignant, you’ll still have a few Story’s eerily similar to the other sixteen people who weren’t.

It’s a personality type. They are very similar. Some will be more violent, others will use no violence, a lot like to try and strangle you, yet there is those who will not. They do cross over, most if not all will use the silent treatment, yet some will use it more often than others, some will spit and slap, some may punch, some will destroy property, others will not, or extremely rare. Some like to bite or kick, some even headbutt walls and doors, etc., some do not. They all gaslight; some are smarter than others in doing so; those who are smarter will use as the primary tactic. They all have similar behaviours. They just use the tactics on different levels. Some rage and turn to physical violence and others plan your downfall more carefully. Most will pity play at some point, and even if they’re not covert, all will manipulate any way they can, they all want control of those around them, they all believe their own version of reality, some will use a false apology if they believe they can gain,

Most will come back with the hoover. There is, however, the odd one that’s too lazy to do so.

They all need your attention, positive or negative; they all need control and power. They all seek to destroy those who criticise them, they have a lack of empathy, and they all see those around them as an extension of themselves.

They all see others as an object to pick up and put down when they can meet a need.

Where we turn the hot tap on for a warm bath, they charm people for positive emotions.

Where we turn the cold tap on for a drink, they turn to silent treatment, anger and rage for negative emotions.

They just use people to meet a need, with no regard for others feelings.

Their reality is the reality, and yours isn’t of value.

You will always be wrong, even when you’re right.

Rule 1, a narcissist is always right.

Rule 2 if a narcissist is wrong, rule 1 applies.

They can not self reflect. Therefore it’s not their fault or problem.

They can not self-trust. Therefore, they don’t trust those around them.

They have self-entitlement and believe others are here to serve them to meet their demands simply.

They all lie, and they all manipulate.

They all have a false perception of humanity; therefore, all those around them are never to be trusted.

Some are fragile, needy, some are passive-aggressive, some are aggressive, and some are grandiose.

Some are highly successful, and some cannot be bothered to work.

They all love bomb, devalue, smear, discard, destroy and then most hover.

They all hit that cycle of the repeat. A washing machine stuck on autopilot, while ever we allow them to continue.

Not everyone is a narcissistic person. Yes, most people have the capability to behave in a narcissistic.way. Just because some is self-confident doesn’t make them a narcissist. If someone is woe is me without the other characteristics, they are not a narcissist, some people go silent when they are hurt, they will then talk and explain, they don’t do it to manipulate, they do it because they don’t have the words and when they do they’ll talk, without the other traits, they are not narcissistic.

So why do narcissists all act the same? It’s merely because they all have the same disorder? Narcissistic personality disorder.

They want to be the puppet masters.

Research suggests there are seven types on the spectrum.

Classic grandiose.



Then the subtypes





Although researchers have suggested the inverted cerebral vulnerable, but some say that’s it the other seven crossings over, which they do cross over.

So it’s less like they read from one book and more like hepatology.

Which seven is somewhat ironic, seen as they all follow the seven deadly sins, and they literally kill off the spirit from those around them.

The seven deadly sins.

Pride, excessive belief in own abilities.

Envy for all other traits, status, abilities or situations.

Gluttony, they steal everything from others even if they do not need it.

Lust, adulatory.

Anger, hot or cold, passive or aggressive, desire to hurt or punish others.

Greed, for materialistic items, always wanting the best.

Sloth, avoidance of physical or spiritual work.

Which sums up the traits of the people on the narcissistic personality disorder spectrum. Why do they operate with very similar stories.

The bottom line is they all have a personality disorder, the narcissist personality disorder, they all feel entitled, and they all use others to meet a need of their own.

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