The Ageing Narcissist.

Overcoming narcissist Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.

The ageing narcissist.

Do the narcissist’s games ever stop?

Can they ever recover?

A narcissist seems to be invincible, running around, stealing hearts, minds, physical health, home, children and belongings.

I will just add we know we don’t own children, a narcissist believes they do.

They just don’t seem to stop and never seem to be held accountable, just running around destroying people’s lives, then driving off into the sunset onto the next.

Nothing and no one seems to be able to stop them from destroying those around them, worse still they have no remorse.

There is a thing called the narcissists collapses, they might have pushed everyone away. The overts have grown old lost the looks and charm they relied upon for years, people around them have just seen through their toxic nature when all those around them just start to wake up. whatever it is one day that mask slips and their true selves are shown to all.

They seem to have a mental breakdown down, they become withdrawn, depressed and often isolated. They can no longer face the world as that would mean facing themselves.

From what I’ve read most narcissist, never get past the collapse and they spend the rest of their days alone and miserable, mostly blaming all those around them.

This is rare some might start thinking about the one that got away that actually was good for them, some might even start to see themselves for who they are. Some of the greater know what they are in an extent and may wonder if they should have done something different, on the most part, the greater will do something on their death so they think they have the last laugh.

As a narcissist grows older they lose their popularity.

A narcissist can not sub-stain long term healthy relationships.

As they age they lose the ability to charm so easily and can no longer bring in new people. They are often left with no support for their ageing health problems.

Those with substance abuse and debts leave them constantly searching for more and destroying themselves in the process.

Some narcissists become more critical as they get older. As all narcissist play victim from time to Time, some will switch to victim mode as they age.

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