Narcissist, how to disarm a toxic person.

Overcoming narcissist Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.

Help with how to disarm a narcissistic person.

A narcissist will use anything and everything against you, what you’ve done, what you didn’t do, what you love, what you hate,

They will blame you, harass you, belittle you, annoy you, for anything and everything,

The best action is no contact, but if you’ve got children with them, and the narcissist still sees the children, uses the children to get reactions from you, you need to find a way to disarm them.

Every villain has a weakness.

So what’s the narcissist weakness, not getting emotional responses or reactions is their weakness, they show this by upping the tactics and the game, when they’re not getting any, when they leave you alone, it’s not because they don’t want your reactions, it’s because they’re getting them elsewhere, good or bad. The may try again with you, days weeks or months down the line, just don’t react, that’s all they want from you when you no longer play the game, they find someone who will.

If they’re guilt tripping to bully you.

Threats to put fear into you,

Using your love to manipulate,

Using your hates to manipulate,

Using your children to anger you.

They just want to turn it around to blame you and take it all away from what they’ve actually done.

Deep inside although they’ll never admit it they are shamed and angry with themselves, they need to turn it onto you to escape themselves.

They have to put their insecurities and their problems and their feelings and their faults onto others to escape themselves. Not that they’ll ever admit them even to themselves as the problem is not them, the problem is those around them.

So their weakness is when they throw everything they have at you, working from one tactic to the next, and they get no reaction, you’ve taken their power of control over you away.

After some time, when you stand back and observe the game they are playing, you realise just how childish and silly they truly are.

Some are extremely dangerous, when you have to move miles away for safety, the children can not see them, most, however, are empty threats, or although abuse is abuse, mental or physical, they may have resorted to pushing walls, some even go to the extreme of head butting walls, they may throw thing, they may have pulled your hair, just stick with your boundaries, do not let them in your home, get restraining orders if needed, then take the power away by not reacting.

Even when it comes to one of the narcissist favourites, the silent treatment, the whole idea of this is to upset and confuse you, it’s rather silly ignoring someone who’s actually enjoying the peace and quiet, so do not respond, they talk when they want, my narcissists mother wouldn’t react, to the narcissist silent treatment, she’d just wait until the narcissist wanted something and spoke to her again.

It is hard at first, you have emotions, after all, they’ve done and said, how horrible they have been to you and made you feel, the way to stop these feeling, is no reaction, it is a learning, I know I’ve been through it.

Once I realised, they were never going to see my point of view, they were never going to understand me, they were never going to be accountable, they simply wanted my reactions, it became a lot easier just to not give any.

Once you get control of your power of your emotions and reactions, the narcissist has no control over you,

If a toddler calls you names, you don’t take it personally, they are a toddler throwing tantrum in an adults body.

a narcissist is Not reasonable, rational, realistic or ever fair.

It’s incredibly difficult when you first start, to stop taking things personally, once you stop reacting it will become easy.

They will not change, they’ve shown you who they truly are.

They cannot meet their own needs without destroying others, they can not meet their own needs.

They’ve had this kind of relationship endless times and they will continue to do so,

You may have gone out with lots of narcissistic people, it’s time to stop, work on you, love yourself, then find a good person like you, that doesn’t need to go around destroying others.

The narcissist has gone around behaving this way with people before they met you, and it will continue with other after you’ve stopped playing, you can not help, it did not start with you and it will not end with you.

No reaction is one of the best ways to disarm them.

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