After Narcissistic Abuse You Have A Great Opportunity.

Overcoming Narcissist Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw – Life Coach.

When you experience setbacks in life it can be incredibly draining and hard, it can feel like your world is coming to an end, when you’ve lost everything and everyone, feeling down, confused and lost, with anxiety, CPTSD and trauma bonding, you are at rock bottom, and it’s hard, yet now it’s time for you to climb all the way back to the top of your game, bigger and better than before, the best revenge is living well, and massive success, whatever you want your success to be in is all about finding what you truly enjoy for you, so when it gets hard you have a great passion for keeping going and achieving new goals and new dream, step by step.

Baby’s are born with the ability to cry, eat, sleep and poo, they have a fear of being dropped and a fear of loud noises, yet they push through each learning curve, learning to sit, crawl, walk and talk, with setbacks and stumbles along the way, they face fears of falling and they wobble, they take one step then no steps then three steps then two, yet one day they walk, we were all that baby, we never gave up then and when we don’t give up we achieve. So now is the time to face your fears, take steps forward, not worry when you take one back just revaluate, learn any lessons and go again.

You may have gone back to the narcissist time and time again, trying to find new ways to make it work, this is normal, lots of us do this, from trauma bonding to hoping they have changed, to wanting that dream they sold us at the start, no matter how many times you go back, there comes the point even if you are completely broken, that you are so sick and tired of being sick and tired. That you just have to give up and walk away, even when you’ve hit rock bottom, you hit a point where you can just no longer go back. Eventually, you get so emotionally tired and drained, so unmotivated, and you just stop trying, but that barrier only has to stay in place between you and the narcissist.

Albert Einstein’s quote. “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

There is no barrier for you. To start a new fantastic adventure in your life’s journey. To where you are now and where you want to be, you’ve just got to work on who you are, who you want to be, where you want to be, this time for you, you thought it was hard working out who to be for the narcissist and you tried to change time and time again, now take that pain, take that anger, and work hard time and time again, for you and all you want to be and do. You’ve done it before for them, the lesson you’ve done it before you can do it again only this time is to do it all for you, and it’s easier as you only have yourself to answer to, you can live a happy life again, just start by believing in you. So let down your barrier and to achieve your dreams. I know you can, and you will.

Write out a list of things you would like from your life now, you are never too old and it’s never too late, get those goals and dreams written down, know why you want them and the outcome you want, whatever that is for you, you can go back to school, you can do online courses, you can have a side hustle, you have, 1440 minutes In a day, shake up your routines so you can make good use of each and every minute, even the most successful people had struggles along the way, yet they never gave up, mistakes to them were great lessons and learning curve. Thomas Edison on inventing the lightbulb. “I haven’t failed 1000 times, I just found 1000 ways it didn’t work.” So change up your thinking, change the process and change the methods to find what works for you, you can and you will.

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