Self-Trust After Narcissistic Abuse.

Recovering from the narcissist, building your self-trust back up.

After a relationship with a narcissist, you will more than likely be left full of self-doubt and fear from that self-doubt within yourself “ Was it me, was it them.” It was them with all the manipulation and mind games, twisting all facts and problems straight onto you.

Fear of trusting yourselves to make the right choices. Self-doubt and fear towards the narcissist and others around you. It stops you from doing things and achieving goals. You second guess yourself and don’t trust that you can do it and that you are capable. You can be indecisive even in the smallest choices in life. You may have a lot of insecurities, from body insecurities to financial situations or abilities to do things. You are not alone in this. Plenty are going through this right now, others are starting to heal, and others have moved onto a better future. So for those who are beginning, others have recovered, If another human can do it. It is possible, and you can do it too. Everyone’s situation and the journey is different, and it takes different time scales. Still, they’re all recovering or recovered from a Narcissistic Abuse, and people do understand exactly what you have been through/are going through.

A crucial step in recovery is knowing, believing and trusting yourself again. You need to learn to stop second-guessing yourself, start to believe in yourself and that you are capable, listen to yourself and not those around you if they’ve not been through it, they don’t fully understand it, they might mean well, the advice might not be helpful. If you listen and think yes, they’re right. I need to try that, then yes, listen to yourself do it and see if it works for you.

Your intuition might be shouting out at you. The one that’s probably told you to leave the narcissist lots of times, or it’s told you not to go back, and you didn’t listen. Don’t worry. You’re not the only one not to listen to your instincts. Start listening to it now, though. It’s there for a reason. Your intuition only goes wrong when you don’t listen to it. Talk yourself out of doing what it’s telling you to do.

When you know your values and standards, take action with 100% integrity. This will help you make the right choice and build your self-trust back up. You need to focus on yourself and building yourself back up. Remember always talk kindly to yourself. Dig deep and look for the positive in every situation.

There’s no wrong way or right way to live your life. With good intentions, there’s only your way.

You can, and you will recover from this, listen to you’re instincts. They know what you’re on about even when you don’t.

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Elizabeth Shaw is not a Doctor or a therapist. She is a mother of five, a blogger, a survivor of narcissistic abuse, and a life coach, She always recommends you get the support you feel comfortable and happy with. Finding the right support for you. Elizabeth has partnered with BetterHelp (Sponsored.) where you will be matched with a licensed councillor, who specialises in recovery from this kind of abuse.

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