Learning To Trust Again After A Relationship With A Narcissist.

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw – Life Coach.

Learning to trust again after a negative, toxic or narcissistic relationship, it might seem impossible but tell yourself it is possible.
Miss trust is a learnt behaviour, now you need to unlearn it. You need to learn for yourself how to trust yourself again first.

It is all in your own mindset and you can change how you think.

Start by telling yourself you are ok, then believe it within yourself. You are complete as a person you do not need someone else to complete you.

Affirm the positive You can not be in a new relationship if you’re still in the belief that once trust is broken, it will never become back.

You can not project your past into a new relationship and expect them to succeed.

Tell yourself with love, I am open to trusting another person. I am open to trusting my own heart and I’m open to trusting my own intuition.

Do not tell yourself you can not trust anyone anymore, instead think of someone you can trust or something you can trust, even if that someone is yourself. Tell yourself you can trust you.

Listen more to your own intuition and be observant. Asks yourself.
What are they like with other people?
What have the past relationships been like are all the ex’s crazy, if so that person probably drove them to crazy? Don’t get me wrong we can all have that one crazy ex, but not all ex’s would be crazy.
Listen carefully to how they talk about others.
Listen to how they talk about themselves.
Listen to see what things they are positive about and how much negativity they hold within themselves.
Do they spread gossip.
Only share small things at first and see what happens.
Trust them from the start but don’t give them all your secrets, trust is earned over time.

What you think about usually comes about, change your mindset of how you think.
Don’t look for signs of betrayal, focus on what you want and what can go right.

Believe in yourself that you deserve a trusting relationship.

Be in control of yourself, be in control of your own response. Be in control of your own trust. You must learn to love and trust yourself again before you can learn to trust others again.

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