How to spot a narcissist when you first start dating again.

Overcoming Narcissist Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.1FBA830A-F773-4AC1-B118-F065FA9B63C0How to spot a narcissist. Not all people that show some of these signs are narcissistic, some are just charming or lack patience, but here are some warning signs.

They are extremely charming at the start. Perfect in every way and they move your relationship forward fast. Often wanting to move into your home quickly.


After the charm, they can be quick to turn. Leaving you to wonder what just happened.

In the early days pay close attention to see if the person is quick to anger if something doesn’t go their way, such as traffic, parking, food, everyday life look for how they treat others, too. How do they act towards other people around you? Listen to how they talk about others.

They talk more about themselves, some people do this anyway, but if they don’t seem to be truly listening to what you’re saying and only interpreted in there own opinion and thoughts.

Selfish, yes some selfish people in society are not narcissists, if they seem to think the world owes them something, spend your money as well as the own, or they don’t have much as the said in the start of the relationship and are now dependent on your cash. Think they’re invincible and above the law.

Extremely stubborn on their own views, only interested in their own opinion.

They come on very strong, want you to move away from friends and family, they need admiration and to be the centre of attention.

They seem to lack empathy for others, treat animals poorly,

They may be critical of you then brush it off with, you’re too sensitive, you’re too emotional, I’m only messing, joking etc.

All the ex’s are crazy, yes we can all have one or two crazy ex’s depending how many relationships they’ve had but all, they will not want you talking to any of the ex’s.

They need you and no one else has ever understood them as you do, they’ve never met anyone like you before.

They will gaslight and project and of their own insecurities onto others.

They lie about past achievements or exaggerate, what they have achieved.

Very quick at saying I love you.

Wants every second of your time, calls and messages to see if you’re ok all the time, this seems really sweet at first. Starts sulking
When they can not, might give the silent treatment.

Envy and Very jealous of what others are or have, resentful of others.

May have substance or gambling issues.

You start to try and justify their bad behaviour.

Testing your boundaries constantly.

Something in your gut feels wrong.

Fantasy of power, been unique or superior.

As I said most people have one personality trait of a narcissist, so don’t worry about someone who likes to achieve a lot of they don’t show other signs.

Don’t misjudged a confident person if they don’t show other signs.

Some people are just impatient.

Look at the bigger picture within a person, look for the actions, not their words. Do the actions match the words.

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