Can You Make It Work With A Narcissist?

Reasons why a relationship can never work with a narcissist. Not all people that are negative have the disorder, and some relationships do just need work and give and take. Some people do just make mistakes. For you to give someone a second chance, you both need to grow and change things to adapt and work it through together.

With a narcissist, this can simply never happen, as they have a lack of empathy for others, as they are unpleasantly proud of who they are. They do not believe they need to change as to a narcissist, nothing is ever their fault.

A narcissist can change their lies, partners, and manipulation, but never their true selves.

Here are some reasons why the narcissist will never change and why you can be so drawn to go back and try again. This is why you need to learn as much as you can about them, so you walk away and stay away.

Nothing about that idealisation stage, in the beginning, is real—the period of love bombing where you are so drawn into them. The beginning of a relationship with a narcissist is the love-bombing period, and it will be an intense one. You’ve never known anything so intense before. The idealisation stage is such a fantastic time. It’s your reality, you live it, you feel like life is just perfect, and nothing could get any better, you happily do everything together, you like all the same things, have all the same interests, you believe they are the one. They will tell you that you are their soulmate, how they’ve never met anyone like you. You may say to them the same as you genuinely believe you have met the one. You think you’ve met your perfect match, and you never want it to end. You can not remember what life was like before you met them; you do everything together.

None of this is real. We have simply been mirrored. In every single way, and we have been looking into a mirror. That person we thought was the one is not real. They just said and did exactly everything we wanted to hear and see. They are simply a con artist, fake people, liars and cheats. It’s all an illusion to get their needs met.

After the idealisation stage, once you are drawn in enough to them. Nothing you do from now on will be good enough for them. You will up your efforts as they will make you believe it is all your fault. You try your best to hold it together and can not work out. What is happening?

The impossible task, You try and try and try to please them, giving more and more of yourself. All while losing more of your true self. You try your best to salvage what the relationship once was. Changing yourself to who they want you to be. While they stay the same person, they’ve turned into you in front of you. Their true selves, however, because of the idealisation stage, you don’t believe it. You think it’s you. They will offer glimpses of what was, only if they fear they are losing their power of controlling you. Just to draw you back in. You do all this just to try and get that person back that you love so much, not realising that person never actually existed in the first place. That was all the start of their gaslighting, manipulation and lies. Yet you still don’t believe it or see them for their authentic selves as they are so good at what they do and how they do it. Every time you think you’ve fixed the problems in the relationship, they will raise the bar. The more you give, the more they will take. What worked last week last month will no longer work. Whatever you do and every effort you put in to make it work will not work, yet because of that idealisation period and their manipulation, possibly saying things like “ it takes two to make a relationship work” Or “ if only you were more like this” so you don’t give up. You have empathy, and you care to want and to make it work.

Nothing can stop the games they are playing. No amount of explanations will get them to care for how their behaviour hurts you. They will give you the silent treatment, wanting you to chase them, wanting you to feel guilty, so you try to work out what you did wrong. Yet a couple of days later, they are all smiles again, and you’re left wondering what you did and what just happened. They may tell you, but it’ll not be the truth. You may have cooked their favourite meal, anything to apologise for something you don’t know what you actually did.

Ever had that moment that you didn’t make that meal right, so it was chucked across the room or thrown at you, and it’s your fault, so you try harder next time.

You may learn the rules to stay onside. Often walking on eggshells around them. With a narcissist, they simply have no rules. They will continuously change their game.

All is done instinctively by them. Some may not know it’s just instinct, others will know, and yes, it’s instinct, but it’s also calculated.

Everything revolves around them and what they need. Drawing any emotions they can from you. They will passive-aggressively stall you or blame you. Days out will be put back to another day. Anniversaries are forgotten birthdays, mother’s days, Father’s Days will be ruined. To get a reaction from you because it’s not all about them. Jobs, you, and children are just an extension of themselves. All are to be left to one side and only used to their advantage. The only thing that truly matters to narcissists is themselves and what they can exploit out of those around them. They will do anything to get a reaction from you so that they can blame you. They deny, they accuse, and then they switch the roles as they blame you and manipulate you into believing you’re the villain.

Nothing will ever change.

Those who do not know what they are, but they know you are the enemy to a narcissist. If you disagree with them, you’re trying to control them. They simply don’t believe they need to change. To a narcissist, you are the one at fault. You need to change. In their minds, they’ve done no wrong. You caused them to behave the way they have to you.

Those who know what they are do not need to change. They believe they are more powerful than you and they are better than you. They do not need to change because what they do works for them.

No matter how many times they come back with the idealisation you want and love so much. This person simply didn’t exist. As soon as they have you hooked again, their true selves will come back out.

The idealisation and manipulation are designed so you are hooked because you’re a genuine person, you want to help, you want to make it work this time. They know this, and that’s why they come back. No contact or minimal contact when children are involved is the only way to go, and this cuts them profound as they believe if they want you. They are entitled to have you. If what they are doing to you or your children is getting a reaction, they will keep on doing so. If it’s not, they will up their game. Those on the lower end of the spectrum will move onto an easier target sooner than those on the upper. They will still try again, hoping you’ve forgotten the bad and remember the good. Counteract any effects it had on your children, grey rock for you and your children, limited contact. Get help for your children, child phycologist and help for you if needed. Stay strong, and you can break free. You can help your children grow and thrive.

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