Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse.

Overcoming Narcissist Abuse, By Elizabeth Shaw- Life Coach.

Just find who you are, and be who you want to be.

No, it’s not that easy, yet it is that simple.

It helps if you tune into and listen to your instincts.

Might sound easier said than done, but once you start working on you again, finding the things you indeed do and don’t like, rediscovering, your boundaries, your standards, your beliefs, your values. Your self worth and your happiness, life will become more enjoyable.

You can change one thing in your life, and that one thing can change everything, you can keep changing and adapting to suit you in that present moment when you’re trying to work out if it’s your mind, your heart or your instinct telling you to do something.

If you’re feeling like your life isn’t going how you want it to, you may be resisting something, and you might be arguing against your instinct, which will make you unhappy, or arguing against reality. That reality that’s making you unhappy. Every single choice you make in the present moment, sets you up for the next moment and the next choice, so you need to tap into who you indeed are, and do what you want to do for you.

If you’re angry, upset, miserable, hurt, annoyed, stressed, your choices and what you think, are making you feel this way, yes outside situations might be affecting it, but now you know it’s down to you, ( being abused is never ever your fault, no matter what someone does nobody deserves to be abused and nobody asks to be.) you can reprogram your mindset to how you want to think and then, how you take that situation on board if you need to absorb it because it’s good for you, or observe it and let it fly straight into your past because it’s having a negative effect on you. You can not change situations or people, but you can change how you respond to those people and those situations, and you can make a choice of where you want to go next, for a better happier life.

To tap into your intuition, Close your eyes and ask yourself the question, then in that second when you answer, to that question. Do you feel yourself expanding growing and a little excitement even if it’s nervous excitement, fun, joy if you do, you’re growing, and you want this? So take the steps to do it. If you feel nervous but in a dreaded way, feel yourself contracting, wanting to shrivel up and hide, you’re feeling despair, your instinct is saying no. Even if you think it sounds a great idea or thing to do, or the easy option, if it’s making you dread the moment or the day.

It takes time, it takes you making those steps and making those choices, we’ve become too accustomed to instant food, instant messaging, instant everything, when it comes to who you are, and what you want from life, you have to take those steps in the present moment, to get to where and who you want to be.

You need to embrace change, take action.

Think it, then believe it, then picture yourself doing it, then go out their make those changes and do it.

You can, and you will.

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