Never give up on yourself.

Overcoming narcissist Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.

Life is hard, never give up on yourself stay strong even when you feel week.

Never ever give up on yourself.

In your own life journeys, you will fail, you will have regrets, you will make mistakes, no matter how low life takes you down sometimes. You can always rise back up.

You have to first start by putting your trust back into yourself, believing within yourself and your own capabilities, believing if you put your mind to anything, then taking daily steps to achieve who you want to be and where you want to be anything is possible.

When the actor Jim Carrey, his Dad lost his job, the family lost their home Jim Carrey was living with his family out of a van, he quit high school to get a job as a janitor. He says himself he was angry at that time, yet he never gave up, he began doing comedy roles in Ontario’s small clubs, in 1979 he got a break when he became the opening act for Robert Dangerfield. He then took a chance to move to L.A and got another breakthrough in 1991 in the tv series living in colour. After his success on fox, his biggest breaks came from movies, ace venture pet detective, the mask, liar liar etc. He had a dream a big dream, he created a vision and set out to achieve it, even writing himself a large check before he even made it.

He believed in his own abilities, and had his vision, he had his setbacks, built he slowly built that dream until it became a reality, wherever you are right now, no matter how hard it’s been, stay focused on who you want to be and where you want to be, then take the steps to get there. You can and you will, never give up on you and keep going.

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