You will recover from a narcissistic relationship.

Overcoming narcissist abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.

You will recover after a narcissistic relationship,

So if you have got out of the relationship, or if they left have you, either way, it’s incredibly hard, stay strong, it will get easier.

From gaslighting to playing the victim, mental or physical abuse.

A Narcissist wants, what they want, whenever they want it, and nothing else will do.

Regardless of what type of narcissist you were in a relationship with, they all have the same four basic traits.

They all lack empathy.

Serious disregard for others.

Extremely self-centered.

Extremely selfish.

When you get free it’s hard, so now You need to imagine, the level of freedom you are not

going to have, you can make your own choices that suit you, you can become yourself again and enjoy the things in life that you enjoy doing.

So now is the time no matter how hard, if you want to recover, you’ve got to put the work in, if you want a happy life again, you’ve got to get up, show up, get out there and start doing all those things you love again. This will help you find yourself again and bring your inner happiness back out. Try new things, a little hint, if you enjoy something, you don’t have to be good at it, you just have to enjoy it, then keep going.

With the great thanks to the mind-numbing programming from the narcissist, you may still be in the mindset of. “I can not do that. “ or “I’m not good enough.”

Only you can change that, by removing those thoughts when they pop into your head and tell yourself. “I’m free to do what I want to do.” “ I’m good enough for me and good people will agree.”

Write a list as to why you left. Another thing you’ll need to deal with once you are out, is that narcissistic ex, they hate that you’re no longer under there control and will go all out to destroy you, they may even send flying monkeys you way, they may smear you to others, report you to the police, or rarely they may say how good you are, so when you tell others what they are doing, they can play victim. This is incredibly tough when you’re feeling weak. They may even swoop In with all their love bombing if they feel you are coming out of that trance they put you under.

When you feel weak and they come back all sweet, pull out that list and remind yourself, why you left and why you need to stay out.

Now it’s all about you, what you love, what you want out of life, what makes you happy,

Do not be scared, you can live without them and you can do so much better in your life and you can be so much happier. It’s incredibly hard at first, getting out and staying out whilst the ex-narcissist is running around your head, don’t worry it will pass and you’ll soon be in a much brighter place and so much happier.

No one deserves the torment of a narcissist, you can stay free, keep reminding yourself, no one deserves to be treated that way, and you can have a happier life, you deserve a happier life.

Sometimes it’s the routine you miss and not the person.

You might feel you love them, that is most likely the trauma bond attachment.

Change is scary, change is hard, but how many times have you gone back? How did that work out for you? You need to go in a new direction now, no matter how hard it seems, for a sense of much more peace and happier life, yes you can do it.

People who haven’t been their don’t understand it, try and talk to people who have been through it, who totally understand how you feel, support raising people back up onto better life journeys.

You are allowed to grieve, in fact, you need to grieve let it all out, once you have it’s time to move forward and leave the narcissist in the past.

You can do it and you will do it, stay strong, keep getting up, keep going, it’s getting easier, then life becomes beautiful again.

Click the link below for the free online starter course for help with overcoming narcissistic abuse.

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4 thoughts on “You will recover from a narcissistic relationship.

  1. Im struggling he seems so happy without me and even making friends with people he knows im insecure about, I feel very lonely and he seems so strong and very stubborn I habe a smiling mask when I see him but am begging him in my mind to apologise amd say he knows wot he has done to me bit I know its not going to happen its such hard work to keep it up I feel broken

    1. Hello Sara, it’s a learning curve. Working on you, focusing on what you’d like to do with your life now, understanding who they are and what they do to give yourself the closure you need, it’s not easy but once you stop looking at the (which is normal human curiosity so knowledge you want to and tell yourself you’re not going to.) most do look at them and your not alone, learning it just hurts you, it becomes easier to not see what they are doing, they are wearing a mask, it did not start with you and it will not end with you. Stay strong

  2. I left my ex 2018 and went to a battered woman’s shelter. I went back home and three days almost lost my life. I am still not fully healed from it. I couldn’t get out of bed for 3 months. I went back home from the hospital and was neglected. I couldn’t take care of myself and he left me all alone. I messed up and did things that broke his heart and I hate myself for it. I have my own house now but I am still fighting hard trying to save us and idk why. He will come around for a few days or weeks and then all of the sudden he ignores me for a day or two. When I get upset and tell him to leave me alone then he says that is the reason he doesn’t take me back. I try to explain to him that if he would treat me right then I wouldn’t be this way. I feel like he is just stringing me along until he finds someone else he wants to be with. I’m getting tired of playing this game. It’s been almost a year. I need advice. We don’t have children together. I don’t know why this hurts so much idk why I can’t move on and let go. How do I let go and give up on the man I’m in love with?

    1. Letting go isn’t easy, you have to make a choice for you and one that’s right for you, if that choice is to face the pain let them go, heal recover and move on then make it, it will be painful at first but it gets easier that what you might be living now, then you can work on finding your gift, your passion and purpose in life, create new dreams for you, find your joy and happiness again. Stay strong lovely, you can do the best for you.

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