Remove narcissistic, negative and toxic people from your life for you.

Overcoming narcissist abuse by Elizabeth Shaw.

Life is hard. Life gets rough, life gets challenging, life gets difficult, life becomes painful. Remember short term pain for long term gain.

What you’re going through at the present moment makes no sense at the time, you will grow through what you go through. At some point you will learn why these issue and challenges you go through happened.

When you’re surrounded with negativity it breeds negatively. Being around toxic people sends your mind and your spirit into turmoil. Surrounded by issues, problems, yelling, screaming, pain, hurt, lies, anger, dysfunction. It goes on all day every day, walking on eggshells not knowing what is going to happen next, so when you go to sleep at night, you may sleep but you’re not resting. This also has massive effects on your mental health.

When the things you are doing, the places you’re in, the circles of people you’re around isn’t bringing you inner joy it affects everything about you. To the point you no longer know who you are. And you no longer love yourself.

The Narcissist is jealous and envious of all those around them, they have issues and insecurities they project onto you. They’ve sent you ever sign imaginable that they don’t care for you. As we are so trained to have people around us, we continue to make excuses and go back, we accept behaviour as normal that we should have never accepted. you continue to show up to everything they invite you to, hoping for better, yet knowing they are no good for you, yet as you don’t know why, you continue to work harder and try again.

I’m not saying you need to remove everybody and go it completely alone for ever. It’s about being around the right people.

When you’re surrounded by negative and dark toxic people, you will be unable to love yourself, find who you are. Go to sleep at night and rest. You’re days will not feel good.

So what if you’ve spent years with them?

So what if you have children with them?

So what if they are family?

So what if it’s familiar?

You have to learn no matter how hard it is, to love yourself, have a happier life. You have to walk away from negative people and walk in the direction of peace.

You want to love yourself and love life, you want to laugh, smile and enjoy. You need to feel good about you and those around you.

You have a choice, you might think it’s a hard choice, but when you stay around toxic negative people, that choice isn’t working too well, the choice to leave is hard, but life will become better when you make the right choices for you and work through the pain, learn from the mistakes and grow into who you want to be.

When you keep toxic people in your life, its always draining, its always challenging, its always hard, its always heartbreaking.

They are insecure they try and make you feel bad, they have a problem with you, yet you don’t have a problem with them, you try time and time again to help them, and all that happens is you lose a little more of who you are each and every time.

They subtlety manipulate you, they are jealous of you. They don’t like that you can change develop and grow, people come to your life for a reason, a season and a lifetime, you need to learn what people have entered your life for. You have to recognize when the season that person entered your life for is over.

In order for you to not sink, in order for your career, your personal life your everything to not go under, you need to remove toxic people, if you have gone under, you need to remove toxic people and build yourself right back up.

If you’re not growing with someone, your dying with them, loyalty is not worth it when they are not loyal to you and all they do is sink you further into depths of despair.

When you’re been overused and over abused that loyalty needs an expiration date.

Some people are just not right for you. Don’t play the victim. You do not need to be a victim, do not define who you are as a victim, victim mindset will work against you and never for you.

When your mind creates negative thoughts you don’t have to think them, if it’s not happening in that present moment you can change them.

When people invite you to negative places, when they invite you to arguments you have a choice to no longer show up.

No one wants to be alone, but why spend the rest of your life with those who make you feel lonely, don’t allow those who make you feel lonely to rent space on your head for free.

Feeling good, feeling happy, isn’t an opportunity, its a responsibility, its great opportunity’s you have to create for yourself.

Who cares what they say about you. It’s because they don’t like you. You can not control those around you. You can control you.

The people you invite into your life is going to have a massive impact on how you feel.

You may not have know what they were in the beginning, they play a good part of being a good person, you may not know in the middle, but once you do know, it’s time to face your fears, face your own insecurities, lose the guilt and walk away, you can not help those unwilling to help themselves. You can help you.

Love yourself enough, you remove toxic people from your life, find those who raise you, leave those who drain you.

Walk with those who want to grow with you, who want to better themselves, who want to give back and help others, there’s nothing wrong with trying to help and giving to others, you just need to do it with the right people.

Want better for you, take the baby steps to do better for you, make the choices that are right for you. Walk with those who bring the best out in you. Not the worst out in you.

You want better for you, you deserve better for you, do what’s right for you.

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