How to boost your confidence, after a narcissistic relationship.

Overcoming narcissistic Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.

You lose a lot of yourself during a narcissistic relationship and one of those things may be your self-confidence, and self-esteem, these can be built back up by you. here are five steps to building your confidence back up.

Step 1. Removing toxic and negative people from your life, as you might know all too well these people are extremely damaging to who you are, they infect you like a virus, not only your mindset but you may also have been left with illnesses, health problems, depression and anxiety, to build yourself back up you need to remove or if you can not remove limit all toxic people from your life. They are energy draining vampires, it is hard at first but once you start it becomes easier and your life became much happier.

Step 2. Smile at all others, don’t fear reactions, you never know who’s day you might brighten, a simple smile can infect the world.

Step 3. Pay others compliments, how well do you feel when you receive a compliment, give compliments out to those you know and those you don’t, lift others spirits with a simple compliment. When others compliment you, you automatically like them more. It feels good receiving a compliment, it also feels good giving them. Giving out compliments helps you develop your own people skills, leading to more confidence within yourself.

Step 4. Every day does something good for your body, doesn’t matter how big or how small, a five minute walk a 60-minute walk, running up and down the stairs, 20 jumping jacks, exercise releases natural feel-good endorphins, lifting your spirits. Up your diet everything in moderation, don’t cut out all the junk food if you don’t want to, just cut out one or two and add something healthier. When you take care of your physical self, it has a direct impact on how you will feel about yourself, boosting your confidence.

Step 5. Develop your mindset, teach your brain, consciously throw out those negative thoughts and find the positive each and everyday, learn know things and give yourself new knowledge and wisdom, new skills, when it gets hard to keep going, think creative, think constructive, think big, dream big, then take those small steps to learn and go for it. Work on your mindset work on your knowledge, use your brain the right way to benefit you.

Step 6. Give something back, help others and be kind always, even if that means walking away from negative people, helping someone with their shopping, as you’re driving letting someone out in front of you, it feels good within yourself doing good for others, just be kind and help someone else out each and everyday, making yourself a much happier person within yourself. Raise each other up, help each other out, making the world around you a nicer place.

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