Who You Want To Be, Starts Within Your Own Mind.

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw – Life Coach.

Outside of the rules of the law, and the rules of physics. All other rules you can change those that have been implanted into your mind, and you’ve then chosen to believe them.

Now is the time to lose those thoughts and those rules that no longer serve you, those that hold you back, those that make you unhappy.

You can change your mindset to become who you really are, regardless of what others think of you, and then give a little back to serve those who deserve your service, or you can kill the real you be a people pleaser try to serve everyone, while you lose yourself a little more each and every day.

Most of your core beliefs are implanted into your mindset, the mindset we are living with often gets passed on from parent to child, we do not take on a belief system through choice, but through the environment, we are in. When we are unsure of how to act for ourselves, uncertain of who we are and how to be ourselves, have a fear of judgment, fear of the unknown, we look to others for guidance, which is great when you’re looking at positive, happy people, to learn to grow and develop yourself, it’s not so good when the person or environment is negative. We have the following mechanism that actively seeks to support those around us. Most of us don’t search for our true selves and who we really want to be. When we are unsure of ourselves and how to react, we imitate and follow those around us.

The world around us is growing and changing, yet most of us are not, we are blindly following our parents, who supported their parents, who followed their parents, which is great when the parents are positive and give you a growth mindset, and the freedom to become who you want to be while instilling the rules of the law, respect, loyalty and empathy towards others.

When you’re clinging on to beliefs that are not working for you because you are scared of change if you’re unhappy it’s not helping you, your own inner dialogue, and your own imagination is creating your experiences, your environment, and the world around you, in some environments it’s incredibly hard to break free, that fear of the unknown and the steps you need to put into place keep you stuck, if you’re unhappy stuck, the only way you’ll break that cycle is by breaking your mindset, working on you, taking away those old beliefs and replacing them with new ones, then actioning the steps to get you to where you want to become easier with the correct mindset.

Technology is a fantastic example. Did we stay stuck with that first phone? Or did it gets recreated a little better each and every time, until we got mobile phones, did we keep those? No, they developed them, when we get a new phone, is there regular software updates, to keep it up-to-date? Your mind has the available resources to update your inner dialogue and your beliefs, your knowledge, your software system of your mind can be programmed by those around you, or it can be programmed by you. It’s time to program it by you, to who you genuinely want to be, then as you take those steps, reach those goals, you have to keep updating it.

Tuning in and listening to your instincts, even when you’re not sure what they are telling you, we are born with this for a reason, and you will know there’s been times they told you something that you didn’t understand and didn’t want to follow, so your mind found a reason as to why it was wrong, yet going against these turned out to be detrimental in some way, so nows the time to listen to them, even when you’re unsure of what they are saying.

You can heal yourself, you can find yourself, you can become who you want to be. When your own mindset is no longer serving you when your environment and those around you are more damaging to who you are, giving you pain, confusion and sadness, it’s time to create a new mindset, new dreams, new visions and a new life, for you, for who you indeed are and who you genuinely want to be.

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