The real you is not a puppet, for the narcissist to push around, how can we stop narcissistic personality disorder growing, in future generations?

Overcoming narcissist Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.

The real you is not a puppet for others to push around.

The deep down you is you, you are a living organism and you are in control of your own behaviour. You are allowed to be you and express yourself for exactly who you are. You are whatever you are doing in each and every moment.

It’s time to lose your superficial self, trying to please everybody leaves you as a nobody, just a puppet on a string dancing to others tunes.

It’s time to become your real self and let the world see you for who you truly are.

You lose your true self of I, when you turn yourself into us, especially when it’s a negative we. There is nothing with coming together and being we, so long as you keep to your true sense of self throughout the journey of we. The superficial self, is everything in your life that is, once you become aware of your true self and doing what’s best for you, life becomes a lot calmer, the good people will stay with you, stay kind to those who are kind to you, give to others who deserve it, leave those who don’t in your past.

Our eyes have the power to see clearly what’s happening, but we let our minds go against our eyes,

Our ears have the power to hear exactly what’s said, yet we sometimes only hear what we want to hear.

Instead of listening to our instincts, our true selves, we go against them, when we do this it can be detrimental to our health and our mind, and to others, We usually go against them, because of our desire, needs and wants that we place into all others good or bad, rather than. Placing our desires, needs and wants within ourselves, to achieve our dreams for ourselves.

We have a fundamental need for companionship, this doesn’t mean we have to be in a bad relationship, when we are at one with ourselves, we learn those people we can help, who will also help us at times of need, as life is full of ups and downs, once we respect ourselves, we learn to respect those who want to destroy others for everything they are, and leave them to themselves as we can not help them, when they are unwilling to be helped or help others, when they believe the fault is not with them.

We have a choice to find true happiness within ourselves, you have to take that chance to be loved by others or be hated by others, and you have to learn you can never please everyone, or if you want to try and please everyone, you’re going to have to kill who you truly are, which can lead to bitterness and resentment, or you can hide who you really are like the narcissist does and hurt all others to achieve your dreams.

Ultimately the choice is with you, I choose to be who I truly am, let the good walk with me and the bad walk away from me. To give back to those who need to be lifted and want to be lifted.

You just have to give yourself the willpower, the inner strength and the drive to find yourself, become yourself and show your true self to the world.

You have to lose your ego, lose your pride, and lose that fear of judgment from others.

Once you are your true self, you’ll no longer be bothered about others judgement, as you’ll have filled your own cup up to find true happiness, and experience life with those who also experience true happiness, helping each other along life’s journey.

You can not save those unable to save themselves, we can, however, save future generations, by saving the children, teaching children to respect others, teaching children about their own self-worth, to be who they want to be and not be scared of being themselves, teaching children empathy, and how to put themselves into others shoes. Teaching them not to be afraid to speak out, teaching them to listen to their instincts, teaching them they are normal for who they are. Helping the playground bully’s, finding the true cause of their actions and helping them find themselves, before they become too lost within their own pain, that all they know how to do is hurt, harm and destroy others, there is something fundamentally wrong in those children’s lives that they feel the need to punish others because of their own insecurities, they need help, not punishment, punishing the young because of their own insecurities turning them into fight mode, is only teaching them how to punish others, and how to use others insecurities against them in the future, helping them with the route cause, showing them empathy and teaching them empathy, before its to late, as well as helping those who’ve been bullied by them,

So far researchers have not found a way to cure a narcissist, or how to help a narcissist, however, you can cut out one of the root causes, to save future generations, by seeing and listening to children actions and helping them see for themselves. Saving the world from future generations of a growing epidemic of people with a narcissistic personality disorder that grow into adults who forever remain stuck with that disorder.

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