Narcissist abuse recovery.

Narcissistic abuse recovery.

Finding some comfort is one way to recover.

So to try and re-find your self-comforts.

Then create new ones.

“ what was your first memory of being comforted?” Mine is a blanket I had on my bed.

Understanding your first memory of feeling comforted, either by a person, food or stuffed toy, whatever it was, you can learn to carry that happy feeling with you throughout your life. A good feeling of being comforted is great.

If it’s something you used to comfort yourself during the abuse, then it can become a trigger so you need to remove that comfort and find a new one.

If you went straight for the ice cream, or the chocolate, wine etc, whenever they made you feel low, it’s time to stop and find another method to comfort you. This doesn’t mean you can no longer eat chocolates or drink wine, just do the when happy, not to comfort yourself.

Instead of doing that old habit of comfort, find a new one, if that’s just taking a walk, putting some music on and having a dance around, things that release endorphins like exercise are not only great for the mind, but the body also, start reading books if you don’t already do so, watch a funny movie. Drawing, colouring, playing an instrument, use your imagination to create new pleasures and talents for yourself, new happy comforts, they may even become your new passions.

Keep going until you find the one that works for you.

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