Changing Your Limiting beliefs After Narcissistic Abuse.

Are your limiting beliefs stopping you from moving forward with your life?

NLP method to help overcome your limiting beliefs.

All self-beliefs are generalisations that we make up about the world.

They are taken in by our senses, then passed through our brain, so we don’t always live in actual reality, giving us limiting beliefs and not understanding what is possible within ourselves and those around us.

We take experiences to wrap them up in similarities, then make up a belief system in our minds on how the world works.

Then we put it into a box of what is and isn’t possible. We don’t actually know what is possible.

If someone 5000 years ago had been told about cars, TVs, planes, phones etc., others would have been naysayers and not believed them. Yet, here we are, connecting daily on our phones, tapping into to others life’s and experiences, finding out in a lot of ways we are all similar. Yet, we are all so unique, also that other person doing something you’d like to do, you know what if you action that within yourself you can do that too.

Generalisations are not a bad thing. We have to put situations together to learn new things, gain more knowledge. This is how we navigate through a world of so many unknowns. Then come together to make things that need to be known by others known.

We are far better when we work alongside each other instead of attacking each other.

Empaths have great value within themselves to give to others.

Unfortunately, most of our limiting beliefs are unconscious learned over a period of time.

Now you need to question your beliefs and your values, and you need to keep doing it,

So you need to lose the. “No one cares.” “I always fail.” “I’ll never find true happiness.” “People are horrible.”

You need to question yourself about your limiting beliefs to counteract them.

You will have had real experiences that make these thoughts true, but you will also, at some point in your life had a counter experience that contradicts this if you look hard enough.

“People are horrible.” Yes, you may have come across horrible people.

But you’ve also come across good people, so now is the time to switch those limiting beliefs too. “ I’ll cut horrible people from my life. They are not for me. I’ll surround myself with good people, those who will give as well as take.”

“No one cares,” start by caring about yourself before caring for others just to be liked, finding those who do care and telling yourself. “People do care.”

So when you say to yourself, “I always fail.” Now ask your self “do I always fail?” If that’s a yes, I’ll ask you, “have you never won one a game of cards? “ “ have you never passed a level of candy crush.” “ never been on the winning side of a football team?” have you never passed a single test?” Those who say no and drive a car, yes you have passed a test, those who don’t need glasses, yes you’ve passed an eye test, those who can hear, yes you passed a test, those that didn’t pass, do you wear glasses? Thus counteracting that failed eyesight with good eyesight, and when you put those glasses on, hearing aid in, you then pass the test, those who could not hear years ago.

As Miller Reese Hutchison. In 1898.

Had the vision and dream, they made the first hearing aid, and it all developed further. What used to be impossible is now possible and a reality for those who currently can.

In France, the first sign languages developed in the 18th century. Old French Sign Language was used in Paris’ deaf community before l’Abbé Charles Michel de l’Épée started his deaf school in 1760 in Paris.

“These are good people.” There are good people. You have passed things, you have achieved something, you have won sometimes, even if you have to dig deep because of where you are right now, dig deep until you find them. Good people who help others still exist today.

“People are horrible.” So ask yourself, are you horrible? Not everyone is horrible. Not everyone will hurt you.

So whatever your limiting belief is right now, what’s stopping you from moving forwards within your life, find an example which is opposite and which is positive to counteract it, then when other limiting beliefs pop into to your head unconsciously, consciously counteract it.

Healthy generalisations are good to make and are there to protect you, but there are counterexamples.

A narcissist personality disorder is out there within people. You know the traits and the signs. It’s healthy that we know this, and we know what to avoid now.

Unhealthy generalisations, all people are narcissistic.

Counteract. Do you have empathy? Do you take responsibility? Then you are not a narcissist. Not everyone is a narcissist. Are all those without empathy a narcissist?

No so many personality disorders out there.

Counteract. I actually know of two people who seem to have no empathy. They don’t destroy their loved ones, in fact, those close to them and only three or four max they do care for and they do have empathy for. They just chose not to give their empathy away to those they do not know.

Unfortunately, I give mine to everyone, even those who can not handle it, as they have none. I still feel bad that they can not find true happiness within themselves.

So when you do identify a limiting belief, ask yourself. “ what is this limiting belief doing for me? “

At some point In time, you created a limiting belief to serve you if it is no longer serving you, yes you need to be aware of it, but while ever it’s holding you back, you need to counteract it.

Find the positive counteract experiences, then find the resources to change that belief.

“ People are horrible,” why? Because you’ve experienced a few horrible people. To counteract. What good people have you come across? Then go find more good people they are there, but you have to work at finding new people, start with a smile, saying hello, joining a new group, something you enjoy doing.

So find what you want to change about your limiting beliefs. “I’d like to meet good people.”

Then add a positive intent. “Now, I know my boundaries. I will go out and meet lots of new people and only keep those good people in my life. “

If you start thinking. “What if I get disappointed.” Then tell yourself, “ there is plenty of good in the world. I can tell them apart, and I will find the good ones.”

Think of at least one good person in the world, even if you don’t know them, and you will see thousands that help others each and every day.

So if your limiting belief is “I’ll never be happy.”

Stop and tell yourself. “I will create my own happiness.”

If you’re not happy right now, look back and find a time in your life you were, you can find one, so you have been happy before, and you now need to tell yourself you can, and you will be happy again within yourself.

Remember true happiness comes from within, giving yourself a positive mindset and overcoming those limiting beliefs, into an I can do attitude you’ll find your days getting easier and easier,

Give it a go. Keep going. You’ve got this

Limiting beliefs.

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