The fate of a narcissist.

What is the fate of a narcissist?

You might be wondering, why you as a good person has had your life destroyed, whilst the narcissist swans on onto a new life. You might be asking, where is the karma?

Karma hits them, every second of every day, even if the narcissist walked away with everything and you’ve ended up with nothing, possessions aren’t happiness, they are an illusion, I’m not denying it nice to have stuff, but it’s vital your happiness starts within, you are now free to do this, you will have stuff Again.

People with all the possessions in the world and people with none can be happy.

People with all the possessions in the world and people with none can be miserable.

A narcissist deep inside will always be miserable, always searching for external happiness, the narcissist does not have a true sense of self-worth.

If right now your left devastated and miserable, you can rise and you can climb out of it, then whether you become extremely wealthy or not. You’ll not need Material items, to be happy, you’ll be happy within yourself, you’ll be grateful for them.

Your relationship with your self is the most important thing.

No matter what a narcissist owns, or whoever they are with, they get bored of them, they need more, they’re always looking for something bigger and better.

Narcissist are so happy with new people of new items. Then they see someone else has got better, belongings, money and privileges do not provide happiness.

People who are abused by a narcissist who is determined to heal. Will heal and the narcissist will no longer be able to affect them.

A narcissist can not feel true love, not even for themselves. They can not feel you love them as they’re always looking for more. They don’t heal, they don’t heal themselves.

More and more people are healing, becoming stronger, taking control back of their own lives. Then they lose the fear of the narcissist. They calmly and clearly go to court and they win, narcissistic people need your fear to hurt you. The more you stand up to them and no longer fear them, they can no longer hurt you.

When narcissist fall, they fall badly. Narcissist when they don’t win it crushes them.

As narcissistic people age, they slowly get destroyed. They’ve left destruction all along their lives. Narcissist age and lose their looks, they lose their ability to charm and intimidate others, they lose their power, they lose their jobs, all narcissist end up facing their tortured selves. That they never healed.

You can love yourself again, you can love others, others will love you.

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