You Will Recover From Narcissistic Abuse.

Overcoming Narcissist Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw – Life Coach.

No matter how many times life knocks you down, crumples you up, squeeze the life out of you, drains you, tires you out, drains you, hurts you, turns you over and just as you’re getting back up it stomps all over you again, no matter how many times you get knocked back, you get knocked down, you can and you will get back up and go again.

You are still you, deep down inside, no matter what part of you that you lost, you’re still alive, you’re still wonderful, you’re still human, no matter how many scars life’s journey give you along the way, you’ll still heal those scars, you may carry the lesson learnt with you, but you’ve learnt, and that knowledge will not be taken away, you’ve grown, and most importantly you’ve developed into a better you. Your values are what’s inside you; only you and your values define you.

You never get rejected from anything or anyone, and you simply get re-directed onto better things, better people and better opportunities.

Mistakes will only be a mistake if you don’t learn from them, once you learn from them, take the lesson with you, accept the challenge times came along, but you made it through, not only did you make it through, you came out a wiser and happier person.

Life’s about a journey. An adventure, you can not always see what’s happening or why? While you’re going through hard times, when you look back and reflect, you can then begin to piece it all together and understand, exactly why.

Keep your positivity, whatever the situation look for the positive, even if sometimes it’s a little harder to view, or takes a little longer to find, it’s always right there waiting for you, sometimes you may even just stumble upon it, when you do, grasp the opportunity given to you with both hands and keep it,

A jobless lady, with a failed marriages and a young child, who had clinical depression, one day decided to write about a wizard, that lady took her book to 12 publishers and got turned down, but she never gave up, she kept going, that lady it. J.K Rowling.

Failure, is just a sign that it’s wasn’t for you, you have it your all, and it didn’t work as you planned, nows the time to switch it up turn it around take a jump into new, bigger and better things, what you end you getting, will be far greater than what you first planned, when all seems lost it’s not, it’s just making way for better things, never just settle for someone or something, where In your instinct something just doesn’t feel right, instead keep going, keep trying new stuff, and when you get there, go, again and again, reclaim your own happiness.

You might not always understand the lesson straight away, One day when you look back, you will reflect, and you’ll see precisely why something didn’t work out.

With significant experience, come great opportunities,

Albert Einstein’s “I believe in intuition and inspiration. At times I feel certain I am right while not knowing the reason.”

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