Why You Need To Keep No Contact.

If you can, no contact it is the best method for recovery from narcissistic abuse, grey rock or level up if not, the narcissist personality disorder is on a spectrum, so there is those once you know who you are and how to handle them, you can limit your time around, you do need to be in a good place to do so with confidence and ease when you keep working on you. You will get to that place with some narcissists. No Contact is the only way to go.

With all those highs and lows, that leaves you with the trauma bond because they can be really nice people sometimes and treat us better than anyone ever has. We also look for the good in others, try to help others. Perhaps we don’t want to admit to ourselves that people like this exist, especially if you have children with them, or they are your parent and you were raised by them. To begin with, it’s incredibly hard to stick to no contact, especially when they come back all sweetness and light, or you have children and have a belief of the ideal family, by having their grandparents involved. You want them to have a good parent, so you reach out time and time again just to be knocked back down.

You’ve changed for them so many times, you’ve tried to communicate so many different ways, and nothing works. So what works with these people.

Every villain has a nemesis,

With a narcissist, it’s no reaction, and their souls slowly wither if they were getting no reactions, no doubt they go find it elsewhere, but no reaction is the karma. They hate it when you treat them to the silent treatment they taught you oh so well. Only their silent treatment is to punish you, and your no contact is to leave them in the past and heal you. I did slip up with these, but you do get it, and life becomes so much more peaceful. I actually ended up at one point looking at them with pity, knowing they can never find true happiness. The narcissist karma, for all they put you through.

A narcissist wants to be the star of their own movie, and they also want to direct, write the script, edit things out, choosing the audience, yet without an audience, that movie is nothing.

So to movies, I used to help me stick to grey rock, boundaries and routine, no matter what the narcissist throws, plus lots of counteracting that negative with the children, teaching the boys about opinions, boundaries and routine without bad-mouthing the parent to them at all, they got enough of this from the narcissist. As the children still visited that narcissist, limited contact is a must for their mental health. Some children can not have contact if the safeguarding is too big.

Gremlins, if you’ve seen it. I like to think upon narcissists as that loveable cute gremlin that you have no choice but to walk away from as, if not looked after properly, they self destruct because they have little self-worth deep down. They don’t know how they want to be treated, so you’ve got no chance of doing that right. You also don’t need a toddler throwing a massive tantrum all the time in an adults body, which is basically what narcissists do. They spit the dummy out at every given opportunity, leaving you feeling confused and crazy.


What are the rules? No water on gizmo. What happens when water gets spilt on gizmo? They multiply, and five more form from gizmo back. The trouble makers are led by stripe.

Narcissist, what are the rules? Don’t question them about any wrongdoing. They have multiple personas they go through and throw straight back at you to avoid taking responsibility to avoid being held accountability and avoid suffering any consequences for their actions. Perhaps you have evidence, a narcissist will still lie, deny and shift the blame. How it goes down, you probably remember all too well.

They go through.

Blame shifting, projection, word salad.

Then comes the anger,

Then comes the rage,

Then comes the narcissists silent treatment, which of course, if you cave, grovel and apologise at any point, they might stop. If not, they’ll pedal through them all until the silent treatment drives your thoughts crazy, you believe you were at fault, and you apologise.

Gremlins rule, don’t feed after midnight. When fed after midnight, they turn into the nasty gremlins and torture poor gizmo,

The narcissist after the idolisation stage, if you criticise them, either without even knowing because of their own insecurities or if you try to have a rational conversation about something like healthy people do. Where they believe you are wrong, they start with all of the word salad. Then, if you react, it’s all your fault. If not, they cycle through the blame-shifting, anger, rage and silent treatment. Slowly but surely, small, subtle things to torture your mindset, so you end up not knowing if you’re coming or going if you’re right or wrong, even believing you are the crazy one, believing you’re in the wrong, a narcissist will keep going until you confirm to their demands, then they up the game on you what was right last week, is no longer right this week, no matter what you do, it’ll never ever be good enough for their own tortured soles, they don’t think anything’s wrong with them, to them everybody else is to blame, for all their problems, love will not fix them.

Or just like spike in the movie, who cuts the power to the alarm clock to trick Billy into feeding them after midnight, then Covina appears out of a hatch the monsters that torture gizmo and try to kill billy’s mother.

Narcissists try to cut you from all friends and family, from your support system. Trick you with gaslighting and manipulation, to slowly torture your inner soul without you even knowing, slowly but surely changing your mindset, so you conform to them, killing of who you indeed are.

Gremlins, bright light hurts them,

Narcissist your knowledge hurts them when you start to see the light, waking from that trance they’ve manipulatively placed you in, back comes that cute little gizmo and the idealisation stage, just long enough to manipulate you some more and to send you under again. Some more highs and lows to strengthen that trauma bond and then boom the envious narcissist is back,

While a narcissist is getting supply from others, just like spike in gremlins, the narcissist keeps going tormenting new people to get their needs met.

Sunlight kills gremlins.

Exposing a narcissist takes all their false self away to all those around them, which kills them on the inside as they live off attention.

So when you do work them out, they’ll be fast to smear your name, keeping themselves unaccountable, they will discard you. They will threaten you.

If a narcissist hasn’t got others lined you to draw emotions from, no reactions from you or anyone is like sunlight was to the gremlins.

As they are left with their own tortured soul.

So when they reappear, so cute, so loving, so kind, so caring, promises to change, stick to grey rock or no contact if possible.

One day you’ll look at them with a “what the hell was I even thinking?” When you learn how ugly they are on the inside, you realise just how unpleasant they are on the outside.

They are vampires in the flesh, no not the Edward out of the twilight, more of the Arlo.

They literally suck everything from you, stealing your mind, your heart, your belongings. Some even manage to keep the children from you. We know that children are not your property or theirs. Yet, they take your rights away to nurture and raise those children into happy, healthy adults. If this is you, get better, then fight all the way and get those children back under a safe, loving roof.

They might not suck your blood, but they might as well, as they leave you so drained and tired you’re lost. I was hit with illness after illness while in the depths of the relationship, from pneumonia and pleurisy to food poisoning, Campylobacter. My own dad actually asked at the time if they’d poisoned me, which was apparently a joke, but with these people, please be careful. The narcissist personality disorder is on a spectrum, and what was worse, I was wiped out for months? Yet I had to carry on with work, household chores, and taking care of the children. As of course, I was the one paying all the bills. That was perhaps one of the hardest times of my life. What I learned is that no matter how hard life can be, you can always make it through whatever life throws at you. You may not always see the lesson at the time, but no matter how hard you’ll see one day, you’d not be as strong or as wise if it weren’t for your past. You indeed are an amazing, loving, patient, kind person for trying to help the narcissist, but unfortunately, you can not. So now is the time to cut them loose, let them go. No contact or grey rock is a must for your own sanity.

When you found the coping mechanisms to survive the relationship you’ll find them to survive recovery, you are enough. 

A lady sat on a delayed train from Manchester to London, and started to write on napkins, divorced from her husband, diagnosed with clinical depression, no job and a child to take care of, she got turned down by 12 publishers, she kept going, that lady is j.k Rowling.

A quote from Harry Potter.

Dumbledore says. “ happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

A narcissist needs to steal your light to hide away from their inners darkness, and you can not help them. You can find your inner light again and escape their darkness.

Here is before I met the narcissist, in the darkest of days with the narcissist and a couple of months free, when reclaiming my life and my happiness, it might help you to take a look back through your own if you’re thinking of taking them back, I didn’t find the middle photo until after recovery. I now truly understand why I could have looked like I was going crazy. Also, why people informed me how much better, I was looking once I was out. Don’t repaint a narcissist true colours, you can not help them. You can, however, help you. You will move forward to a much happier life once your minds free of that narcissist. You’ve got this.

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No contact, grey rock, level up.

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