Narcissist and word salad.

Overcoming narcissist Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.

Narcissist and word salad.

More about covert and overt narcissists and how the brainwash,

Coverts think they are amazing yet the world doesn’t agree. NPD is on a spectrum and they can act both overt and covert.

Everything a covert does is under the raider and in secret. The people around them are never quite sure what’s actually happening. Overts are also under the raider yet can be more obviously outrageous.

The narcissist will abuse you, yet they will tell you, you’re confused and they love you. They simply brainwash you.

Brainwashing is cruel if someone says they hate you and they abuse you. You know.

With coverts, as they show great love one minute possibly never using physical abuse, you can not see what you’re doing. They are a bit like someone who’s, sat eating your last piece of chocolate in front of you they’ll be saying. “ I’m not eating yours it’s mine, you ate mine.” They are like some small children trapped in an adults body. Caught red handed yet still denying accountability.

That’s the kind of confusing twisting things they come out with. Overts would say more along the lines of “ yes it is yours, I’m eating this for you’re own good so you don’t get any fatter.”

Coverts make you doubt your own sanity, as you can not put your finger on what’s happening, what your guts trying to tell you.

The covert narcissist uses word salad to send your mind crazy.

Narcissist just spew a load of words that simply don’t connect with the conversation or the question original asked.

Word salad, is when they can not connect their brain sometimes and so much garbage talk just flows from their mouths as they can not give the truth.

Politicians use word salad to skirt around the question without actually answering the question.

Narcissist wants you to believe they are answering the question when they actually not, often leaving you completely confused.

In a normal, discussion, conversation, disagreement, it’s a case of I speak you speak, I speak you speak, whilst each of us gets our point of view across, explanation or apology, taking on each other’s views.

With all narcissist it’s a case of, they will speak over you, turn it onto you and the great word salad. When can not argue against, they will complete twist everything around and they have to have the last word? Even by using the silent treatment until you cave.

Word salad lets Narcissist seem like they are answering a question without answering it.

It lets them covertly manipulate your state of mind. So if you ask them something with evidence. They might say “yes but don’t tell me you’ve never done that, your friend did that last week, and your sister didn’t care, but what about that thing you did yesterday.”

Narcissist sentence structure is done to confuse you. Send you into a trance.

In a way, they hypnotise you, which your brain goes into a confused state of mindset, doesn’t know what they are saying and gives up. It then makes your mind more open to further suggestions from the narcissist.

Narcissist answer the point with a conversation that doesn’t actually answer the point.

They also use it to annoy you, provoke you, claim that you’re horrible, use something you don’t like about yourself, so they get you to turn to rage, so they can then turn it around and blame you. They transfer that shame and guilt onto you, so you’re the one feeling ashamed and guilty, so your the one that has to apologise, even though with word salad they sent you to that place, they are completely avoiding accountability any way they possibly can, all whilst leaving you wondering what’s just happened. Often your left wondering if you’re a narcissist.

When someone punches you in the face, you know you’ve been attacked or abused.

When narcissists use word salad, you don’t know what’s actually happening.

Which often leads to people giving up and giving in just to put closure on it. Yet it’s never truly closed.

The used thing like. “Pretty please let me have that, I really need it for this that and the other.”

Whereas an overt would be. “ that’s mine and I’m taking it.”

Coverts use things like.

“ yes I did do that, but it’s because of something that happened to me years ago, and that’s far worse than how you feel right now.”

They will accuse you of doing the very thing they have done, only you did it far worse.

Coverts are so woe is me.

Coverts can be very insecure, and very vulnerable, and they feel shame. when they have given evidence to lies you’ll get them.

“You made me do it because you did that.”

“I would never ever do that.”

“That wasn’t me, how could you think that of me.”

Overts would say.

“It’s was for your own good.”

“Why would I tell someone as stupid as you the truth.”

“It was only because you can not handle the truth.”

“I lied to protect you.”

We are getting wise to this game, they play the victim, in front of you, then eat away at your mind. Slowly but surely taking you apart bit by bit.

Covert narcissist are, if you’ve watched gremlins, they are a gremlin. Overts can be an idiot all the time as they know people look up to them, coverts are more deeply hidden with both you’ll not know you’re in pain until months or years down the line, coverts can have a few personality types within themselves.

You go on a journey with them, then one day you’ll wake to discover they’ve stolen your mind and your heart, leaving you in agony as you need them to survive, an they’re using your mind and your heart, your qualities, everything good about you, on someone else, ready to steal their minds and hearts, like a vulture, when they see your getting your mindset and your heart back, they’ll swoop back in like nothing ever happened, straight in with the word salad to trance you again, then steal your heart and mind all over again.

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  1. So… Upon concern over observing mannerisms of my bf’s behavior over his phone/baby Momma’s texts, and he gets defensive and angry, when I point the odd behavior and context of texts, etc, out… Then blames me and says I’m attacking him, etc. My gut says this situation isn’t entirely kosher, even after a year later, since he put firm boundaries down with her (she isn’t one to respect them), but I also feel he isn’t transparent, and he knows why he isn’t, yet he blames it on my “reactions”……. It’s driving me insane, and yes, I END UP QUESTIONING IF I AM THE NARCISSIST. 😥

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