Narcissist ex recovery another NLP method to try.

Another NLP method.

So have you got a bad, negative past? the memory pops into your head out of know where? you think about it way too much? it makes you feel bad?

If you concentrate and worry about the past, it affects your future, you can not change the past, you can change your future.

You’ve tried lots of ways to stop and it’s not working, keep trying new methods, until you find the one that works for you, here is another, method.

So you don’t just have one program in your head about the past events with that narcissist, you have an entire series, playing on repeat.

So now is the time to break free and remove those, thoughts, pictures from your headspace, and allow better things to enter.

A little like when you nip to the shop for a pint of milk, when you get there to pick up a loaf of bread. Come home and remember, you forgot that milk. Your Brain is actually, designed to remember and to forget.

It’s not that you forget things, it’s that because they don’t always see things visually, sometimes you forget.

Well, this is a great thing, as you can train your brain to do this effectively.

When you’ve had a bad experience, especially over a long, confusing time, you never got closure to it. Questioning why didn’t I see? Who even were they? Was it all me? Was it them? If I’d have done this? The narcissist has trained your brain over a long time, now you just cannot shake all those thoughts out. Along with those thoughts come flooding all those feelings. Hurt, pain, anger, resentment, confusion and so many more. You are not alone. You can move past this.

Bring it consciously into your mind, more often than not, it just pops in any way. You can learn that you can bring thoughts into your head, then wipe it out, with a fun memory, and shut down thoughts. If it pops I’m subconsciously doing the same. Keep doing that consciously, until you suddenly think “hey I no longer subconsciously do it.” Then stop

Or bring that thought into your head. Then close your eyes and see the picture, then bring that picture into a small circle, then turn it black, then turn it white, repeatedly, or thing black white repeatedly.

Your story the narcissist might still be continuing if you have children with them, so bring the last negative encounter that you think about, into your head. Then rewind fast and get to the start of your journey with them.

If you’re thinking about revenge. The thing about the past is it’s over, it’s done it’s finished it’s in the past, no matter how many times you went back, there comes a time you stop going back, and you start to recover. if you still have the mind games because of the children, know exactly what they do, learn the pattern of manipulation, don’t react to any, you’ll soon see that pattern, once you’re aware of that pattern, you’ll know not to react, and what will come next.

You have a blank future waiting, ahead, it’s right there in front of you, reach in grab it, take a leap of faith in yourself and go for it, you can do all sorts with your life, even things you haven’t even dreamed about yet.

Please remember, this is just for advice, just try different techniques, until you find what works for you, again, Narcissist personality disorder is on a spectrum, so if you have to go no contact, do it, if not grey rock, please see my post on this.

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