A narcissist will not give closure.

Overcoming narcissist Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.

The narcissist does not give closure why?

They give no closure, as they Know they linger longer within your mind, they remain stuck there and harder to move out, without closure empaths still search for answers.

It’s just a further manipulation tactic to keep you hooked, they can not let go, so they don’t see why you should be able to let them go.

They know the impact they left on you is deep, you want answers, because you’re not getting them, you want and need to know what’s happening even more, some then end up messaging and ringing to get closure for the narcissist to further use this in their smear campaign against you, telling those who will listen, you’re stalking them.

Perhaps they owe you money, another manipulation tactic, In the hope you ask them for it they’ll never give it to you, just provide excuses after excuses to keep you hanging on, like dangling a carrot and then taking it away, they get to keep the connection for longer.

Or they’ll then give you the “what money?” Just to confuse and anger you more. Please see my financial abuse post for more information.

Then it will be belongings they leave in your home. ( there is a post on this for extra information.) they issue excuses after excuses again to keep you waiting, or they’ll keep yours, the ones you most value, again they will keep excuses going of why they will not return them.

They want to keep you attached so when they hoover, you’ve not fully let it go.

They may turn up where you are, so you act unhinged, then when you react, this helps them with there smear campaign against you and how crazy you are.

They may disappear for a while, to leave you wondering, what’s happened to them?

All tactics to keep you thinking about them.

Learn what they are, learn what they do, know they can not love, give yourself the closure, work on techniques, to get them out of your mind, to recover from anxiety,

You have got this, you can and you will recover, believe in yourself.

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  1. I realise now when.we are together I see less of him and it leaves wanting to see more of him, when we break up he.is everywhere I am so.that makes me feel he wants me, we get back together and the cycle begins I just got it!!!!! I’m.finished with it now I.realise thank you

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