Narcissist and Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day,

How did your narcissistic treat you on Valentine’s day after the golden period?

To use its Valentines day, to the narcissist its victory day.

Whatever happens on Valentine’s Day they will come out on top,

If you still In the golden period on Valentine’s Day, to them not a lot of effort is involved. Yet they will turn it up to be the best day ever for you. To show you how amazing they are and everything you’ve ever wanted, they will have studied and learnt everything about you, the female might cook your favourite meal, let you watch your favourite film. Male or female will have picked up a card, easily as the shops are full of them, the male will buy you, your favourite flowers, perfume, chocolates, jewellery, book your favourite restaurant they will know whichever it is you prefer, they will do whatever necessary to keep you hooked, they will use it to their advantage, to further manipulate you. It’s all to your own gain.

When you’re In devaluation, they might not even recognise or acknowledge the day.

You get your hopes up that they still love and care, so you can grow your hopes and dreams again. They may turn up with a carrier bag with a card and an unwrapped gift in if they think they need to draw you back in and give you a taste of what was on that day.

They will lap up all the positive emotions you’re giving them.

As with most special occasions, unless you’re in the golden period, trying to draw you back in or they are trying to hoover. There will be no card, no gift, no remark about the occasion. They may have sent flowers to someone. They may call you to say, they’ve got something on, this is usually they’ve got someone new on.

They’ll tell you. “ we don’t need to bother with that silliness any more. We’ve been together years.” Or “ I don’t need a day to be told when I need to inform you of when I love you.”

Whatever stage you are at in the relationship with the narcissist, to you it’s Valentine’s Day, to them its victory day.

Golden period all out seduce, positive emotions,

Draw you back in or hoover, draw you back in. positive emotions

Discard. They give you nothing and get negative emotions from you.

So this Valentine’s Day, if you’re alone, treat yourself, love yourself, respect yourself, and go do whatever makes you happy for you, if you’ve met someone new who’s good for you, enjoy being treated right.

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