Narcissist abuse recovery. NLP Method to try.

Overcoming narcissist Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.

Three NLP techniques, for you to try, help you get over the narcissist and the abuse.

Mapping across, a visual picture, or the tone volume of your voice, if you can identify any experience or area of your life, where you didn’t have the resources you needed. Then think of an experience or area within your life where you have the resource you need. So if you struggling to take care of yourself, even to eat, yet you’re taking care of your children, use the thoughts and mindset of when you take care of the children, when it comes to taking care of you, use how you talk to yourself about the need to feed, bath, brush your children teeth etc, use that visual image of your children, then apply those techniques to helping yourself, getting dressed etc, put the areas that work well in your life and those thoughts, visuals. Into areas of your life that are not working well for you. Mapping across helps you to bring resources into all areas of your life that work best for you.

Collaboration, so you actually work with others on their body language, to counteract any effects it has on you. Make yourself aware and sensitive to seeing others and your own physiology. Changes in breathing, skin tone, the tone of voice, shift in body movements.

So if play close attention to others, you can recognise when they are going into a different state of mindset, you’ll learn by what your seeing and hearing, please look at my observe post for more information on this. what their next move will be, you can also learn if you tune into yourself, what mindset you’re going into and pause it, then change it into the mindset you want. This is extremely helpful when dealing with a narcissist, as your putting a lot of attention into how they are acting and taking, they don’t know, they may think they’ve got your attention, so you’ll know what the next stage they are going into and counteract it, you’ll also notice deception, you’ll recognise when they are lying, their physiology doesn’t match their words.

Anchoring, managing your own thoughts Matching a sound or touch, with a thought or feeling. when you walk into the kitchen to get a drink and notice the posts need putting away, that’s a natural anchor, what you see, your mind then wants you to do. Visual anchors or thought anchors, when your feeling anxiety, or thinking negative thoughts, find a positive photo or thought to bring you back to reality, find your anchor. Put your hand on your heart and take deep breaths, consciously make an effort to do this and tell yourself it’s ok, or tell yourself a positive thought, whenever you feel anxiety or negative thought, coming in.

You do have to practice them, until it becomes natural to you, again this is just advice. Getting over narcissist abuse is a mammoth task at the start, taking small steps each day to reprogram your mindset, you will overcome it. Live a much happier life, keep going until you find the method that works best for you.

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