When the narcissists Facebook goes quiet.

Overcoming narcissistic Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.

The narcissist and why they go Facebook quiet.

If the narcissist in your life likes social media then you’ll probably have spotted some of these patterns, they do enjoy the power of Facebook, and playing games with your mind through facebook.

They use it for lots of reasons, please see my social media post for more information,

This is when their once Facebook main page, was updated regularly, always sharing story’s, tagging you, regularly changing profile pictures, including you together at the start, then just themselves, or them and their children.

The suddenly all goes quiet, the profile picture stays the same, the timeline goes quite. They no longer update the status on their achievement, the only thing is posts from months or years ago, birthday wishes from others, often without reply, might be the odd thumbs up, their Facebook has gone silent.

Why do they do this, they might not be doing anything on their profile page yet they are still using Facebook, to watch people and calculate their next move. to spy on you and to spy on others, to gather as much information as they can about those around them. To see what you’re doing if they want to hoover, or if they are devaluing you, ready for the discard.

They may have gone quite on the page you know about, yet they may another profile set up, that you know nothing about.

They do it because they believe you are less likely to block them on discard as you think you know they don’t use it, so they can still check in on your profile after the discard ready for the hoover.Some will block you, some keep it and don’t block you as they know, you might have a look at them.

Some will randomly block you during the relationship or during silent treatment, to keep you questioning and guessing what’s happening.

They use it to triangulate people, when You first meet, they may want you to send them a friend request, they might tell you they rarely go on. That they only use it for messenger, they prefer being with people, real life matters to them more. This is only to impress you, so you think their real and admire them.

They use it to deny accountability, so you question your self when you ask about cheating, they may say. “ how can I meet anyone I never go online, look at my Facebook,”

They might let you check the messages because of course, they’ve deleted them all, they’ll them shift blame onto you, for doubting them and treating them how you do. To provoke a response from you.

When they meet someone new they’ll be on again, ready to show their new relationship to the world, to give that new person the social media hook, they did with you in the start. To show everyone what a normal loving relationship they are in to hide their own insecurities.

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