Narcissist ex, signs your healing.

Signs your healing from the narcissist. First. No matter where you are in your journey. congratulate yourself for making the steps to overcome an extremely painful and traumatic experience. For starting your journey of rediscovery of your self-worth, choosing every day to no longer participate in the narcissist deeply hidden slow mental abuse, congratulate yourself for working out what is very hard to see.

When you have new found confidence, happiness, respect for yourself and others, moving forward in your life no matter how slow or how fast, you are a great example to others going through this very traumatic experience, you are healing from narcissist abuse. You are stronger and wiser than you were before and you have a new found ability to stand up for yourself. You now recognise when you’ve been manipulated by, shame, guilt, passive-aggressive behaviour.

You can now lovingly and assertively, communicate to others what you will and will not expect.

Now your seeing reality, you respect and know yourself enough, to walk away from people who simply don’t make you feel good.

You’ll no longer be in denial, you want to stand up for yourself, you want to be valued and be heard, you’ll no longer worry about being judged, as you know those who judge have their own issues, those who truly love and care about you, will respect you as you do them.

You’ll feel whole within yourself and not need someone else to complete you, you’ll know if you’ve found the right one or someone to walk away from.

You’ll no longer people please, you’ll be able to say No to others without fear of them walking out of your life because you’ll know people like that are not worthy of you.

You’ll know that any relationship is given and take. You’ll happily give to those who are willing to give to you.

You’ll not make excuses for other people’s bad behaviour.

Instead, you’ll surround your self, with people who understand others have different opinions and that it’s ok. People who are willing to learn and grow, you’ll know everyone makes mistakes, but it those who are willing to learn from them you want as friends.

You’ll understand that your empathy and compassion is a good thing. You’ll know that you need to apply those to yourself before others.

You’ll lose interest in people, who have vague communication skills, who are mysterious, who play mind games, as you’ll be well aware of these games. You’ll no longer be confused. You’ll be able to observe situations with more objectiveness, you understand what’s flattery and what compliments.

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