Use The Pain Of The Past To Make You. Narcissistic Abuse Recovery.

Overcoming Narcissist Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw – Life Coach.

Have you ever known a strong person who had an easy past?

It is times of difficulty when you break free from, a negative, difficult, toxic person, or situation.

It’s from these moments in your life when you can start to ask yourself “ who am I.” “ what do I want.” “What makes me happy.” “What are my values.” That you can then reconnect with your inner self, redefine who you want to be, the rediscover who you are now.

When you lose your independence to others, we need to look at ourselves internally, to reconnect to who we are,

When you stop living your life for someone else and start living it for you, you will learn a whole new sense of self love and self awareness, gain a whole new level of self confidence and self esteem, accept any flaws, any mistakes you’ve made or make along your way, choose life, choose you, choose happiness, it is your choice. It’s ok and normal to have weaknesses, to make mistakes along the way, the key is not to let them take you down, rise back up, as slowly or as fast to suit you, learn and grow from them. Find your inner strength, listen to your intuition. What’s on your inside is more important than anything external, then keep learning and growing from any experiences.

Little steps to happiness will soon lead to big leaps, the happier you are the more beautiful you will be to yourself and the world, the more you will enjoy in everything you see, the happier you become, the happier your children and those around you will be,

Negativity breeds negativity, putting a smile on your face, will make you feel happier on the inside, smiling at a stranger as you walk past, to see them smile back will warm your heart, a smile can infect the world to those that will let it.

Believe in your capabilities, your desires, your wants and your needs, you and your children will thank you for it.

Recovery from a narcissist relationship isn’t always easy, others have put their minds to it and they’ve achieved it. So can you, believe in yourself and you will.

A novel was written by Walter M Miller junior said in it “you don’t have a soul, you are a soul, your body is temporary.” Although some say it’s by C.S Lewis.

The point is your soul your life, you have to live within yourself 24/7 so nows the time to love you, what you enjoy and what makes you happy, then only allow the people with respect, kindness and positivity into your life, positivity creates positivity. Then the right people will walk into your life, let the wrong ones walkout, even if you have to nudge them out.

You’ve got this.

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