Narcissist, step to help your recovery.

overcoming narcissist abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.

For anyone still in a relationship with a narcissist,

You know who they are, you know you want out, yet you keep getting drawn back in.

For anyone freshly out of a narcissist relationship, it will get easier and so much better.

For anyone who been out a while and the narcissist is still trying to manipulate, observe don’t absorb, I have a post on this technique.

You’re not alone others have been there, questioning, searching, self-doubt, if your thinking you will get there in your own time when you’re ready, sometimes you just have to get the point when. YOU ARE SO SICK AND TIRED. OF BEING SO SICK AND TIRED. When you get that feeling you’ll go, and life will become amazing again.

Or if you’ve left. you’ll let it go and life will be amazing again.

When with a narcissist, you are either sick all the time, or you feel it, your body feels like rubbish, you feel exhausted, your minds exhausted, you’re struggling to find energy from somewhere.

When you’ve recently left, you may still feel drained.

When you have children with them and they are manipulating, you may still feel drained.

Sometimes you have to make it to that place in your life, where you’re just sick and tired, of being so sick and tired.

You might be feeling crazy with all that’s going on around you, you’re not the crazy one,

Albert Einstein said: the definition of insanity is doing the Same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

NO, you’re not insane, you have got a good heart and empathy that has tried countless ways to help them and save the relationship. We’ve all been there believing if you just keep giving more, if you just keep going, you can help them, relationships have ups and downs. Was it me? I’ll just give a bit more. One day you wake to think. Nah, this is going to be hard but enough is enough, you can break free, You can change. You can leave, you can get different results for who want to be.

No your not insane because you’ve left and still have self-doubt.

No your not insane because you’re trying to work out, what manipulative stunt that ex narc has just played on you now.

The narcissist can not change. The narcissist is the one that spends their entire life, doing the same thing over and over.

It’s hard to change your mindset when you’re stuck in the situation, one way to help, is to get up one day and lose your routine. Just go out there and try something new, something different, without the narcissist. You may really need to physic yourself up to even leave the house but do it. When you take new actions you get new results. ( not with a narcissist, you’ve probably already tried everything you can, they do not want to change who they are, as they believe the fault lies with everybody else.) when you get new results in life it’ll create new perspectives, for you. Once you have those new perspectives, you start to create a new belief system. Those belief systems will create inner power, for the new actions you will take. You start to experience new exciting things in your life, then new exciting experiences come along.

If you find yourself thinking you can not take this anymore. Stop that thought and take a new action instead, try something new for you. Do something different for you. You can achieve anything you put your mind to.

If someone else can do it, so can you. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, learn from them adapt and grow from them. You’ve got this.

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  1. I got out of a relationship and surprise surprise im in another for the last six months I keep blaming myself that its my fault cus of the narcissistic relationship o was in and blaming him but me apologising wot!!! Just realised reading the above I always fall back.into the same routine his routine, im now testing for reaction, ive had a jammed packed weekemd of fun and im getting the silent treatment, he has no interest of asking me how im doing if im ok mothing when I tell him he doesnt mention to save me going crazy is this another narcissistic relationship or am I being selfish

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