Narcissist ex, common no contact mistake made.

Overcoming Narcissist Abuse, By Elizabeth Shaw – Life Coach.

Common no contact mistake you might make.

Social media stalking, they might have left you and you’ve stumbled across the word narcissist, so you set out no contact listening to all the advice given. Or you’ve worked out they are a narcissist so you have chosen to leave them. You are now starting to do the no contact rule to escape them forever, move forward onto a better life. Or if you’ve children together moved onto the limited, non-emotional contact. The grey rock method.

You want to succeed, stand firm, and remain effective. You sabotage yourself with social media stalking, now some of you may might not have done it. But plenty will especially at the beginning when you’re still thinking about them. The narcissist has a good idea that you are doing this, you believe it doesn’t count if you’re watching them and they don’t know. You go first thing in the morning to have a look or commuting to work, on the toilet, we’ve conditioned ourselves to check social media. Which is ok you still connect to people and gain new information, it’s just like reading a newspaper used to be on the commute to work. But communicate with friends instead of anything, even a game of candy crush on the loo, just stop looking at them.

You do this by.

Repeatedly checking on their social media profiles.

Repeatedly checking their friends and family social media profiles.

Repeatedly checking their new partner or partners friends media profiles.

Asking mutual friends to have a look at their profiles, if they’ve blocked you.

Creating a fake profile to look.

Checking to see if the ex is still following you, on Instagram or Twitter. Stop now delete and block them and all mutual friends. Also any of their family. As the narcissist is also gaining information about you.

So it’s easy to click on your social media and have a look, but this is only keeping you connected to them. It may satisfy for a moment, but it’ll not help in the long run.

You might be looking for signs they miss you. They only miss the emotions they do not actually care about you.

Your curiosity comes into play to know what they are now doing.

You want to know if they’ve removed pictures of you both or kept them up.

You want to know if they’ve announced they’ve met someone new yet.

If there is a new person you want to sit and compare yourself to them. You also want to know if the narcs treating them the same way they did you, is it better is it worse. You want to see signs that the narcissist is starting to show their true selves to them. Don’t worry in time they will, they always do. Just hope the new person cottons on quick before the narcissist destroys them.

You want to know if karma had hit them yet, karma is in them with their own negative miserable minds, so don’t worry about revenge or karma.

You want to get answers as they don’t give them to you if they left you. You have an instinct and desire to know why. Just help rebuild yourself, instead of stalking them learn about the narcissist, then you’ll have all the answers you’ll ever need.

You want to know why they are with someone new so soon. Just learn about them and you’ll understand whey their sorry selves can not stand to be alone like regular people can.

You may think it helps you, it doesn’t, you’re just allowing yourself to think about them. Yes, it’s fine if you need to do it and get it out of your system as I’ve said you’re not alone, plenty does, but get it out of your system then stop.

When you look every week, every day a few times a day, you are then thinking about them, this doesn’t help your recovery.

You are provoking your own emotions when you see pictures. Your allowed to have these emotions and grieve, you do need to process your own grief that’s fine let it out and move on.

When stalking the narcissist social media, You may see a negative reference about you, you risk contacting them out of anger, you may feel jealous.

You are weakening your no contact and going around in circles.

You’re denying yourself other distractions which will help you recover and grow, instead, try doing something new and develop yourself.

They count on you stalking them, they are also stalking yours to see if they can breach the no contact and creep in for the hoover.

As I’ve said not all of you will do this, but a lot will, those who do you’re not alone it’s normal human curiosity. So it’s ok but to move on it’s time to stop. When you think about looking go do something else or change your thoughts onto you, growing to learn and developing for yourself. Something the narcissist will never be able to do.

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