Narcissist ex, learning to love yourself again.

Overcoming narcissist abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.

Something else you may have lost within yourself after a relationship with a narcissist, loving yourself.

The best relationship you will have is the one with yourself, you are the one that can make it or break it. You and only you are now in control of you. So you’ve been with a narcissist, you did no wrong, you’re just a loving kind trusting person, with how well the narcissist manipulates there is no wonder you got left in this state. Remember your not alone, you can heal and recover, you can rise above that narcissist as they’ll never be able to do what you can do. Change and be happy for you. You have changed before to suit the narcissist, remember that didn’t happen in a day, they quickly gained your trust, then they slowly and carefully manipulated you bit by bit so you no longer you, or what to do. Well, today’s the day to start living your life your very own way, remember you a good and you are kind you have empathy the narcissist just made you blind.

They might have slowly taken you apart. Now you can slowly put yourself back together, leaving the narcissist far behind.

Whatever pace you go, that’s up to you, everyone has their own way it’s not a race.

So thanks to constantly trying to please the narcissist you’ve gone around in circles trying to people please, yet what you did was never enough they always wanted more from you. You’re probably left with self-hatred, well it’s time to flip that around and start working on everything you do. You’re stronger and wiser than you were before, you can totally do this. Even if you’re struggling at the moment, tell yourself you can and believe it because you will.

Stop treating yourself poorly in the way to talk to yourself. Change your mindset for the better. Stop treating yourself poorly. Take care of you treat yourself right. It will bring you great delight. Work on small things day by day and before you know it what seems impossible right now will suddenly be possible because you’ll just be doing it. Nope, it’s not always easy it takes time work and effort from you. Think off all that effort you put in for the narcissist. Now believe you can put that effort in for yourself, your goals your dream.

On your journey to rediscovery, remember there is nothing wrong with a compromise with other people so long as your not compromising your own new-found integrity.

Talk to yourself kindly always, who cares if you’ve made a mistake, learn from it step over it and carry on. For you. Always look for the positive in every situation.

Time to self-care on the Physical, emotion, mental and spiritual levels of you to rebuild the love back for you to feel towards yourself.

Work out in your mind what you have control over and what you can change for you. Things you can not change just work on self-acceptance and concentrate on the things you can. If the narcissist put you down over any part of your body. If you can change it and want to for you do it. If you can not change it or don’t want to change it let it go. Work on better stuff instead.

Stop talking to yourself how the narcissist spoke to you. And start talking to yourself how you’d like to be spoken to.

If your rebuilding yourself from the bottom start with great foundations then build yourself back up. To better and wiser than you were before.

Happy thoughts.

Positive thoughts.

Growth mindset

A positive mindset.

Only do things because you want to.

Keep true to yourself.

Keep true to your beliefs.

Stick with boundaries.

You can and you will love you for you again.

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