Helping Children Who Have A Narcissistic Parent.

When children have a narcissist parent or a harmful or toxic parent, the healthy parent needs to counteract this. This might seem like a mammoth task with all the mind games the other parent plays. No contact or minimal contact, whichever is right for you. Simply easy affective steps can and will help your children grow into happy, positive adults with a growth mindset. I’ll add videos at the end on, grey rock, level up, routine, boundaries, self-esteem, and how to talk to the children. Here’s a quick and easy one to start with. An easy thing to do if your children have a parent who is, harmful, toxic or a narcissist.

At the end of every day, ask your children these five things

One thing you have overcome today or seen someone else overcome?

One thing you’ve achieved or seen someone else achieve today?

One kind thing you did or someone did for you?

One positive thing that happened to you today?

One thing you’re grateful for?

Mindset let your children grow a great one.

Then you can extend on it asking how it made them feel, also how they think it made the other person feel.

You can, you are, and you will counteract all the narcissist negative words, with limited contact and helpful words.

Praise for the good that the children do, for themselves and for others too. High fives when you can.

It’s all about planting good and great seeds in their minds. For them to learn, develop and grow into who they are.

Building your self-esteem back up will also help the children build upon theirs.

Teaching them to allow their feelings and think the right way, teaching them skills for life.

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