Revenge And karma On A Narcissist.

Wanting revenge on a narcissist.

Revenge or karma on a narcissist, we are all human, so, unfortunately, most of us went through a stage of wanting revenge or karma to hit the narcissist, for everything they put us through.

Revenge can be achieved with simple, practical steps, but can only be achieved when you are fully recovered within yourself; otherwise, you risk been drawn back into their games. You’ll be the one left hurting all over again, even if you don’t get back with them if you’re not fully recovered within yourself the mind games they will play will cut you deep.

The plus side to this waiting for revenge, for waiting until you’re fully recovered, is that age-old saying revenge is a dish served cold, or the best revenge is massive success.

The simple fact is, when you work on yourself, achieve your dreams, live your own life. You will have your revenge without doing a single thing to them. This is the best revenge as you can remain a calm, loving, kind, positive, person, without harming others.

A narcissist can never feel these emotions and is very envious of those that do, and those that can move forward with their own lives without the narcissist.

Same as karma, the more you look for it, the less likely this will happen as you’re to busy looking at them and not yourself, same advice, change your own mindset, make yourself happy, live out your own dreams, be positive and surround yourself with positive, happy people, love yourself, the best relationship you can have is the one with yourself if you’re willing to put the work in. Again you and only you can achieve this when you do you’ll not care less what’s going on with the narcissist life.

A narcissist can only dream of this kind of living that’s why they bring those close to them down so they can feel better within themselves, their looks will fade if it’s a somatic narcissist and that’s one of the narcissist traits, and this will slowly kill them inside, they fear death, not many are religious. Still, they fear hell. They will gradually one by one lose all the attention from the people around them that they need so much for their own self-worth.

Please, don’t worry about revenge or karma, trust it will hit them, but when it does you’ll be so happy in your own life you’ll no longer care.

The thing is you may want revenge or karma, but you are a decent human that likes to see the best in everyone, why you got so entangled with them in the first place, empathy and wanting to help others. So trying to seek revenge for yourself will only hurt you more.

Walk away, be happy within yourself, turn your life into the best that’s worth living for yourself.

Worrying about when the karma will hit or taking revenge on them hurts you more and actually helps them. It keeps you locked in the past. If they can not be loved by you, they want to be hated by you, and I can not stress enough that once you help yourself to get over it. You’ll no longer love or hate them, and you’ll simply not care.

You are human, and if you hear karma has hit them you’re allowed to laugh, you’re allowed to feel whatever you want, you lived it, just make sure what you think is driving you forward onto your best life, and not holding you back in the pain of the past.

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