The Strengths Of An Empath.

Strengths of empathy’s, most people have compassion, some are born with it, some learn it, those with the narcissist personality disorder either never had it, never developed it, or somewhere along the way lost it.

Even a narcissist can have cognitive empathy, meaning they can think about how others would perceive their actions, often why they switch the blame, they lack in emotional empathy, so they can not connect and understand someone else’s feelings.

Narcissistic people tend to try and use people with empathy or empathetic people, so here are a few of your own personality traits you may not know you have, and start to use them for a better you and a much happier future.

While empathy can be a natural gift given to highly intuitive people, research suggests it can be developed in individuals that wish to do so. For a much happier life, you just have to learn to tune into your intuition and your empathy more.

Humans are mostly social people that want to care for each other, although some humans do manage to miss this step or suffer trauma in childhood, so they rely on the human survival instinct fight mode.

Those people who have empathy can develop it further. If you have empathy, you can develop yourself to become highly empathetic.

Highly empathetic people have strengths that those around them don’t always notice.

Highly empathetic people are extremely curious and inquisitive individuals, curiosity helps keep them interested in a variety of topics, interested in those around them, and the story’s they have to tell.

Highly empathetic people don’t tend to assume or judge. Which can be a curse as they try the help and forgive the wrong people. A few too many times, but once they become aware it’s a gift, as they will still not judge others, they will, however, avoid negative people, and just wish them well, empathetic people seem immune to generalisation and prejudice, although curiosity will help them to understand different personality types, they may go through a challenging time getting over those who seek to destroy them. Their feelings towards those who seek to destroy them go against who they are—once recovered. However, they will wish them well, just far away from them.

They tend to overlook faults within others to help them, making excuses for others negative behaviour and trying to find ways to help them see the right way. Once they learn some cannot be helped, they will turn their efforts into those they know can be helped.

They understand that everyone is unique, and everyone has different qualities to offer. However, they will eventually walk away from those who cause them harm. Once recovered, they will still see the good traits in those negative people but will opt wisely to wish them well and stay away.

They genuinely care for others emotions and want to do all they can to help those who are suffering.

Empathetic people can easily put themselves in others’ shoes. Some often experience the emotions of those around them, which is why often, negative people tend to consume them and bring them down. They can not, as much as they try, raise negative people. One day, they do learn to help those negative people who need a little help and have just had some difficulties turning their lives back around, and they also learn to walk away from those who can not be helped. However, they do find this incredibly hard to do.

Highly empathetic people are extremely good listeners, and they often find those around them seem very quick to open up to them. They will not only listen, and they will put themselves in the other person shoes and feel the emotions that others feel. They will try to avoid telling others how to live their lives or what they should do, as they often find it hard themselves to walk away from situations they should, they will walk away only once they’ve exhausted every avenue they can think of, including draining themselves completely. Therefore they believe no matter what the situation or difficulties those around them seem to be in, that they need to figure it out for themselves. Yet, they will be there to help and support in any way they can.

Others find it helpful and reassuring to talk to empathetic people, as they feel understood.

Empathetic people can inspire others with empathy to find a great change. Empathetic people speak the truth, they may play down their hurts and painful experiences to others, they may hide painful things that have happened to them from others.

Empathetic people often feel misunderstood as those around them don’t always get the depths of their emotions when they do speak up, so they do their best just to help others without and hidden intentions. As they get older and wiser, they become less bothered about how others perceive how they think, realising they can actually help many by showing others their empathetic emotions are healthy.

People feel they can relax and be themselves around empathetic people without feeling judged.

Empathetic people have the ability to empathise with negative people and understand how those who hurt others see things differently.

With knowledge, empathetic people understand how others view reality.

When empathetic people allow their imagination to come into play, they have amazing capabilities with simply brilliant imaginations. Through their imagination, they can create things that don’t even exist in the here and now for better futures for others.

Empathetic people can find it hard growing up and come across as rather sensitive or isolated as some struggle with the depths of their emotions and the emotions of those around them. Yet, once they tune in to these emotions correctly, they can move forward with helping others and living a much happier life that inspires others.

Empathetic people have an incredible ability to self evaluate, and self reflect.

When empathetic people hurt emotionally, they hurt deeply, often questioning themselves, yet they will dig deep, find their true selves and rise back up.

If any of this relates to you, you could be a highly empathetic person, and you will rise again.

Even those with empathy and intuition, you all have endless possibilities within yourself to overcome and heal any pain and shine your beautiful self, making the world that amazing place it’s meant to be.

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