Main signs you’re in an Abusive relationship, with narcissists all the manipulation can be hard to see, especially those who don’t use physical violence.

Overcoming narcissist Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.

The main warning signs you are in an abusive relationship.

Or you were in one and now it’s time to stay out.

If they have narcissistic personality disorder or not, abuse is abuse, you need to safely get out and you need to stay out.

1. Quick involvement in a relationship.

2. Extremely jealous.

3. Threats of violence.

4. Controlling behaviour.

5. Abrupt mood changes.

6. Verbal abuse.

7. Breaking objects.

8. Use of force durning arguments.

9. Previous restraining, non molestation, protection orders.

If you are still in the relationship and struggling to find a way out. The link for men and for women in uk are above, (please message if you’d like links for other parts of the world where you live)these deal with domestic violence every day, they have heard it before so don’t be nervous, they want to help you.

Click the link below for the free online starter course for help with overcoming narcissistic abuse.

Help with Overcoming trauma bonding and anxiety online course.

All about the narcissist Online course.

Full online course to help you understand and overcome narcissistic abuse.

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